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Whoever Gonna Be Acting . The Governor of Aceh Later, He Must be an Accommodative and Wise Person Beside Closer By Ulama


January 13th, 2022



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Whoever Gonna Be Acting  The Governor of Aceh Later, He Must be an Accommodative and Wise Person Beside Closer By Ulama.


Picture: S. Oestman As Syeikh SE (Chairman of Aceh Board Council of Association Journalist Republic of Indonesia.

Langsa City (ANN) | July this year (2022) It’s going to be the end of Ir. H. Nova Iriansyah MT services as Governor of Aceh, before Irwandi Yusuf was placed the position as a Governor but then the position replaced by Nova Iriansyah after Irwandi jailed caused of traped by case.

To day, the rumor is flying over among peoples about who going to be a chosen one as acting Governor, especially to them (who) are using to analize about who is better one to be an acting Governor as person who replace Nova Iriansyah that will end next july this year (2022).

To take the chance in this puzzle, as an Association Journalist Republic of Indonesia, Chief of Aceh Board Coucil (DPD PWRI Aceh) I said in according of my opinion that the acting Governor of Aceh later must be smart in all side of lines such as politic, ekonomy and regional (local) culture.

If according my opinion the next Aceh’s acting governor would be person who really understood about how and what to point the best results to accommodation all things when will be implimented the desicions, would it be effected the bad side of development or not.? Its covered among; relegious, politict, economy, social and local culture.

Previousely a lecturer of University IAIN) of Langaa Dr. Andhika Jaya Putra MA spoke at one of online media (dialeksis.com) that peoples spaculate there a couples of names would fill the position, they are Indra Iskandar (General Secretary of DPR RI) and the other one is might probably Ayafrizal caused he ever filled the Governor position in South Kalimantan.

And even Sudharmo ever been being as acting governor of Aceh in the moment ago and concidered succeed without scrued up and he was not son of origin state but situation was condusive without taking pulling in and out of interrest. But it doesn’t mean (not sure) the outsider is the best one.

In accordance of rules and regulation of our nation (Indonesia) law any one (whoever) Indonesian citizenship might able to proppose them self to be an acting governor of any provinces in our country.

However, Aceh is one of unic province, and sould be remember by all of some one that would be chosen as Aceh acting Governor, in fact aceh rise up and developed as special province. I believe that if the choosen one to be as acting governor later will be the one who great in personality then honest trustworthy and closer by ‘ulama is the best one.” (*)

Opinion Written by: S. Oestman As Syeikh. (Media owner and curently as chairman of Asociation Journalist Republic of Indonesia (PWRI)

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