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THINQ Tourism Consultant Holds Waste Management (Recycle) Training for POKMASWAS At Medana Beach, North Lombok Regency (KLU)

February 20th, 2021

Reported by : Tio AF

 Translated by : PO

 Photographer  : Dana


THINQ Tourism Consultant Holds Waste Management (Recycle) Training for POKMASWAS At Medana Beach North Lombok Regency KLU.


North Lombok ~ (ANN) -Tourism, consultants of THINQ, provide training on making MOL (local organic microorganisms) & how to make composter on Saturday, February 20, 2021 on the medana beach of DEWI BAHARI (marine tourism village).

Participants who took part in the training for representatives of pokmaswas members and mothers who had a shop on Medana beach. General chairman of Pokmaswas “Bina Bersama” BUDI UTOMO. stated that with this new tour on the Medana beach, it needs to be supported by Sapta charm, one of which is garbage.

We, from pokmaswas at Medana Beach, are very grateful for the presence of THINQ who guides us how to manage waste in “Desa Wista Bahari Pantai Medana” he said.

The former head of the dusun (partial area of village) Kadus of the Teluk Dalem region also greatly appreciated the training in this Medana Village. Then according to the THINQ Tourism Consultant Facilitator Andy Widayat as Managing Director and Mawar Joenita as Operation Director  provides training related to how to make MOL (Local Micro Organisms) and provide metal Drum for Composter, together with Warung and PokMasWas Managers who are living in the Medana Dewi Bahari Beach Tourism Object .

This activity was carried out with the support of Kitabisa.com through donations of volunteers who were concerned about environmental management in tourist villages, where the donations were spent on purchasing equipment for making composter barrels and paint colors to decorate Komposter drum to make it look more attractive.

During the training there was also a discussion with components, related to the practice of making several products such as the Technique of Making Chairs, Tables and also a number of action plans were made to ensure more attractive attractions in the Pantai Medana Dewi Bahari Tourism Village through making bathroom walls from Ecobrik, and several selfie facilities. with  spots made of Ecobricks.

The shared commitment in this case is the realization of community-based independent waste management that is integrated with the management of tourism objects at Medana Dewi Bahari Beach.

To support this, currently there have been several preparations made through assistance from THINQ Tourism Consultant through the National Service Program, namely the preparation of a governance design with a zoning system, integrated waste management with organic plantations, so the need for stalls for vegetable and herbal plants. (ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, etc.) can be provided by Kebun Mandiri which is managed by PokMasWas together with all Warung Managers along the coast of Medana Dewi Bahari Beach Tourism Object, where currently there are around 9 stalls managed by Mrs. Fishermen are also the backbone of families and local communities around these tourism objects.

Meanwhile, Andy added that “Within the next 3 months, THINQ Tourism Consultant together with PokMasWas will focus on structuring the infrastructure for the Medana Dewi Bahari Beach Tourism Object in accordance with the zoning layout that has been planned and with a high commitment even though it is in a limited facility when We strongly believe that Medana Dewi Bahari Beach Tourism Object can be an example of the concept of environmentally friendly tourism destination management through community-based independent waste management which is directly integrated with organic plantations, with the hope that this approach will be able to realize hopes for the realization of sustainable local economic sources ”  he Said * (Tio)