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The Year of Politics and Hoax Narratives

April 17th,  2023



  Translated by: PO

Written by: PWRI General Secretay


The Year of Politics and Hoax Narratives

By: D. Supriyanto JN *)

Jakarta (ANN) | Approaching the political year, we are often faced with one main problem that can devastate the order of life in society, nation and state, namely hoax news (hoax news) and hate speech narratives In my opinion, hoaxes arise due to the strengthening of elitist tendencies with excessive imagery syndromes in the context of competition for power positions in a democracy which is increasingly complicated for exclusive interests.

This hoax is like lightning ready to strike anyone, until it finally dissolves in a vortex conflict, easily consumed, easily instigated because of unintelligentness in receiving and managing information. If this is the case, there could be gaps in the emergence of friction which causes the collapse of unity and oneness. Politics and hoaxes are like inseparable currencies.

History will record how chaotic our democratic life is today. We, the children of this nation, are trapped in something opaque, due to the negligence of political elites who only take into account momentary interests and ignore philosophical aspects, including and above all the neglect of ethics and the philosophy of truth in making decisions and actions, has degraded and even brought down a number of civilizations. humans.

We are shown to witness the decline of democracy, democratic life runs without ethics far from cultural values and propriety in politics. In short, the life of our nation and state is currently being tested.

Picture : D. Supriyanto JN, Genaral Secretary of PWRI head quarter

Are our steps in living as Indonesians still in orbit towards the ideals contained in the Preambule of the 1945 Constitution? Where will this great Indonesian nation be taken? Are we on the right path? Or are we lost? Where is our Pancasila? Is this country still like what Bung Karno said in his speech on the birth of Pancasila? “We establish a state for all for all?” That question continues to rumble, raging in my chest, as part of the children of this nation.

Since the amendment of the 1945 Constitution, it has been like we have lost a compass to determine the direction of this nation’s struggle. The amendments to the 1945 Constitution have not only added and removed articles in the 1945 Constitution, but have further changed the structure of the state, eliminated the culture of mutual cooperation, eliminated the culture of deliberation and consensus. , forcing and grafting capitalist liberalism on Pancasila, eliminating the Culture of Unity in Diversity, eliminating the sense of shared destiny and responsibility, eliminating the ‘ono rembuk yo dimbush’ culture, eliminating the compass pointing to the GBHN which made this nation even more lost.

The amendments changed the collectivism system to individualism, replaced the system The MPR became a presidential system, even though Pancasila is the ‘Philosofische-groundslag’ of an independent Indonesia.

Philosophy-groundslag’ is the foundation, philosophy, deepest thoughts, the soul of the deepest desire to build a big house called Independent Indonesia that is eternal and eternal (Soekarno’s speech June 1, 1945 – the birth of Pancasila) The amendments to the 1945 Constitution have forgotten and deliberately forgot their national identity. Drowning the system of nation and state, by replacing it with liberal democracy, democracy which is not based on the Preambule of the 1945 Constitution, democracy which makes the people a horse to ride on, the people are only a patch of need, as a result the mandate of the people’s suffering will continue without ideals. Since the Amendments to the 1945 Constitution, and since then the drums of liberal democracy have been pushed to ravage the life of the nation and state, the basis of the state has been forced to step aside from political struggles in this country. Forgetting philosophy, forgetting history, forgetting the Preambule of the 1945 Constitution, even forgetting all the things that have become the commitment of the nation and state.

We forget Pancasila as the Philosofische-groundslag’ and also forget Pancasila as the way of life for the nation and state.

*) Cultural activists , Secretary General of the Indonesian Journalists Association

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