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The Second Trial of Defamation of the Mayor of Langsa Has Been Held at the Langsa District Court

February 16th, 2022



  Translated by: PO

Written by: Chik/ R1

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The Second Trial of Defamation of the Mayor of Langsa Has Been Held at the Langsa District Court


Langsa City (ANN) | “The case of defamation of Langsa ‘s Mayor, Tgk. Usman Abdullah, SE (Toke Seu’eum) regarding the suspicion of committing lewdness, the second trial was continued today Wednesday (16/02/2022) at the Langsa District Court with the trial material stripping and listening to the testimony of witnesses Victim of defamation.

“The witnesses were presented by three people, namely, Ir. Said Mahdum Majid who served as Regional Secretary (Sekda) Langsa and Agus Setiawan (Agus Mandor) as a contract employee of the Office of Cleanliness and Environment (DLH) Pemko Langsa. “And a third witness named Iklima was also present to give information at the second follow-up trial.

“At this trial, two defendants who were called Muslim (Cut Lem) as Defendant 1 and were presented Ibnu Hajar as Defendant 2 to hear witness proceesing testimony at the trial.

“This second follow-up trial was led by Chief Justice Silvia Ningsih, SH, MH accompanied by member 1 judge (vice chairman) Tini Darmayanti, SH and member 2 judge Ahmad Syafrizal, SH, MH in the trial being temporarily replaced by Muhammad Muslimu Rabbi, SH.

Meanwhile, the Public Prosecutor (JPU) Eduardo, SH, MH and the substitute prosecutor Muhammad Daud Siregar, SH and the substitute Registrar Azmiliza Aminuddin, SH.

“At the trial, Victim Tgk. Usman Abdullah, SE was also asked for information by the Chair of the Panel of Judges through a Live Streaming Video Conference.

Mr. Usman Abdullah, SE explained that the two defendants, namely Muslim alias Cut Lem and Ibnu Hajar, did indeed have defamed him through mass media coverage, and asked for a sum of money so that this case would not stick out.

“Because I felt innocent, I didn’t give the money he asked for,” said Tgk. Usman Abdullah, SE answered questions from the Chief Justice Silvia Ningsih, SH, MH.

“The trial, which was held starting at 14.00 PM, also obtained information from the first witness , Ir. Said Mahdum Majid. He was explained to the Chairman of the Panel of Judges that Ibnu Hajar contacted him to inform Tgk Usman Abdullah, SE, (Mayor of Langsa), who revoked the power of attorney and paid the service fee for him.

“The statements of the three witnesses have been recorded in this second follow-up trial and the third follow-up trial will be held again on Wednesday (23/02/2022) at the District Court as well.

The second surprise trial was closed by the Chairperson of the Panel of Judges Silvia Ningsih, SH, MH. (R.1/PO)

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