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The residence of the Chairperson of the Aceh PWRI DPD was Visited by Persons of the Press.

May 17th, 2021


Written by : Erliandy ST

Translated by : PO


The residence of the Chairperson of the Aceh PWRI DPD was Visited by Persons of the Press.

Langsa City (ANN) – S. Ramadhan Djamil, chairman of the Aceh Republic of Indonesia Journalists Association (DPD PWRI), was Visited by members of the press from Tamiang Regency to his residence in Langsa City which was members od PWRI as well, Sunday (16/05/2021).

The arrival of members of the press turned out to be in the context of halal bihalal (high tea). Joined in the management of DPC PWRI Tamiang Regency.

Picture : administrators representatives of PWRI from Tamiang Regency and Langsa City meet PWRI’s chairperson of Aceh.

The halal bihalal was also attended by the management of the Tamiang PWRI DPC, including the Chairperson of Dedi Syahputra Sitompul, Secretary Andre, Tarmizi Puteh
Deputy Chairperson, Kamal Ruzamal Deputy Advisor, Suparman for People’s Economy Dept, and M. Irwan for Legal Advocacy and Human Rights.

The event was also attended by representatives of DPC PWRI City Langsa, chairman Erliandy, ST, Ade Syahrial Deputy Secretary, deputy chairman and advisor Suryadi KS, SH and Noni Midriani S.S, MPd.

S. Ramadhan Djamil said, “With the presence of several representatives from the Tamiang Regency PWRI DPC board and accompanied by the Langsa City DPC board, this is the first step to strengthen the unity of the press in the PWRI professional organization from all districts / cities in Aceh Province, let’s We pray together, that the declaration / inauguration of all PWRI DPCs in Aceh Province will be carried out quickly and successfuly, and I would like to express my gratitude for the arrival of PWRI administrators from Tamiang Regency and Langsa City, “said Ramadhan Djamil.

In the framework of this bihalal matter, the Head of DPC PWRI Tamiang Dedi Syahputra Sitompul said, “Very grateful to the Chairperson of the PWRI Aceh DPD who has welcomed us as a family so that the relationship is closer apart from organizational relations. In addition, we will hold a meeting at the PWRI City Council of Langsa in terms of uniformity of joint programs such as journalist training discourse and inauguration issues, “said Dedi Syahputra Sitompul. (PO)

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