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The People of North Aceh Sue Block-B Oil and Gas Management

November 17th, 2022


Reported and translated by: PO

Written by: Rizal Fahmi


The People of North Aceh Sue Block-B Oil and Gas Management


North Aceh (ANN) – Several North aceh community leaders who are members of the North Aceh Community Forum for Complaining held a press conference regarding the management of block-b oil and gas in North Aceh district. Tuesday 15/11/22

This was done as a form of their disappointment with the management of the b-block oil and gas in North Aceh, while North Aceh itself was not involved and was seen as just a spectator.

H. Zainal Abidin as chairman of the North aceh community sued saying that he and several other community leaders who were members of the North aceh community sued and were very disappointed with the government elites in aceh, according to H Zainal Abidin, this B-block was in North aceh but why is North aceh itself not involved. he said

The following is the contents of the demands from the North Aceh Community Suing;
We convey to PT PEMA, PGE, EMP, BPMA and the Government of Aceh, That:
1. We request that PGE immediately hold an Extraordinary GMS to include PT PASE ENERGI MIGAS as a 30% shareholder in the management of Block B.
2. We asked the Acting GOVERNOR OF ACEH and related agencies within 2 x 24 hours to be able to follow up on our demands. But if not, we will continue the struggle to get our rights as Block B Block B Managers by taking to the streets.
3. If our demands are not met, we ask that all Block B WK operations be stopped immediately.
4. We, the people of North Aceh, are very disappointed in the former governor of Aceh, Mr. Noufa Iriansyah, spokesperson for Sahim, head of the Aceh ESDM Service, and BPMA. It is reasonable to suspect that the formation of PT PGE was laden with Crony, Collusion and Nepotism (KKN).

So we hereby ask the Commission Anti Corruption (KPK) to immediately form a team to conduct an examination. If it is proven that there are practices of KKN and seizing North Aceh’s crops for the benefit of the group, then we ask that they be punished with caning and the death penalty in accordance with Islamic Sharia in Aceh. We do this so that the results of Bumi Aceh can be felt by the people of North Aceh and the 23 District Cities of Aceh Province.
5. We request the President, Mr. Joko widodo to order the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources to accommodate the request of the people of North Aceh to obtain management rights in Block B Block B.
6. We also request the KAPOLRI to conduct an examination of the relevant officials:
1. Mr. Nouva Iriansyah (Former Governor of Aceh)
2. Mr. Zubir Sahim (Former CEO of PT PEMA)
3. Mr. Mahdinur (Head of ESDM Aceh)
4. Mr. Teuku Faisal (Head of BPMA)
5. Mr. Ariaman (PGE CEO)
We, the people of North Aceh, ask the Aceh Police Chief to participate in upholding justice in this Veranda of Mecca. We, the people of North Aceh, have been very oppressed. (PO)

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