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Picture: Hj. Rizayati snap her pic infront of Mecca

The last day of Umrah in the Holy Land, Hj. Rizayati: ” Let’s Multiply good deeds “

March 3rd, 2022



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The last day of Umrah in the Holy Land, Hj. Rizayati: ” Let’s Multiply good deeds “


Picture: Hj. Rizayati snap her pic infront of Mecca


Jakarta (ANN) | Hajj and Umrah are the five pillars of Islam. There is a lot of wisdom in it. Because Hajj and Umrah are a form of meeting between inner awareness and rational intelligence. “Obey and willing to surrender to Allah SWT.

That is the main form of performing Umrah in the holy land. We fulfill God’s call by going on a long journey, having to part with our relatives, family and possessions.

The goal is only one, namely carrying out noble tasks through worship and rituals in accordance with the conditions that have been determined in Islam,” said Hj. Rizayati to the network strategy, Thursday (3/3/2022).

Hj. Rizayati revealed, on the last day of Umrah worship, many did good deeds, as part of the process of self-cleaning and total submission to Allah SWT.

“Alhamdulillah, we have finished performing a series of Umrah services in the holy land.

We have said our goodbyes at the Baitullah, we have also slaughtered camels, to be distributed to those who deserve it.

Picture: camels going to be slaughtered, that would be distributed to those who deserve it.

In addition to cutting the camel, we also cut the hakikah for the newborn nephew, as well as alms for those who clean the Kaaba and multiply it for the fortune in this noble place, we increase the deeds of worship and strengthen faith, “her said. During the pilgrimage, said the President Director of IRJ Group, many lessons can be learned.

Among them, increasing discipline, improving the quality of worship, fostering patience, giving birth to a sense of solidarity and kinship as well as increasing da’wah by conveying messages of kindness as taught by the Prophet Muhammad. “There are many spiritual lessons that we can learn, one of which gives birth to patience.

When carrying out the ritual of Umrah, of course there are many trials and temptations that arise. Many Muslims from different countries gathered in one place.

This will cause problems regarding the facilities that must be shared because they are limited in number. Here the nature of patience must be put forward because selfish and selfish nature will reduce the value of the worship that is being done,” her said.

“In the holy land, Alhamdulillah, we can pray for our brothers and sisters, pray for the best for the nation and state for peace and prosperity. God willing, tomorrow we will return to our homeland,” her concluded. ( nug/red )

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