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The Jokowi Militant Cadre Institute (KAMIJO) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indonesian Response Foundation (IR). at Zero point (O) KM Sabang City, In Aceh Province 

April 30th, 2021


Written And Reported by : Wiwin Hendra


Translated by : PO


Langsa -SAB

The Jokowi Militant Cadre Institute (KAMIJO) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indonesian Response Foundation (IR). at Zero point (O) KM Sabang City, In Aceh Province


SABANG ANN-SABAn understanding covering a number of programs. This agreement marks the start of cooperation between the Kamijo institution and the Indonesian Response Foundation (IR) in the implementation of Social Religion, Education and Tourism activities so that they can continue.

In the event that was held on Tuesday (27-04-2021) at Zero point (O) KM Sabang City, Kamijo collaborated with the Indonesian Response Foundation (YIR) as stated in a memorandum of understanding or Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU).

The Kamijo Institute is an institution that carries out activities for the purpose of supporting all decisions and directives of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, while YIR is a foundation engaged in the fields of Religion, Social Humanity, Education and Tourism.

The cooperation agreement between Kamijo and YIR aims and intends to carry out activities in the fields of religion, social humanity, education and tourism based on
The contents of the memorandum of understanding made by Notary Nurul Hikmah, SH.MKn No.01.MOU / Kamijo / IV / 2021
NO.27 Kamijo.Mou / IR / IV / 2021.

Chairman of the Jokowi Militant Cadre Institute (KAMIJO) Hj.Fitriani Abdullah explained to this media on Wednesday 28-04-2021 in Langsa he said that there had been cooperation between the Jokowi Militant Cadre Institute (KAMIJO) and the Indonesian Response Foundation (IR) in terms of Religious, Social, Humanitarian Education and Tourism as well as training training for Kamijo cadres as stated in the MoU dated 27-04-2021 at Zero point (O) Sabang City, Aceh Province.

Assessment and exchange of information and / or data, provision of sources and experts, and other cooperation according to the agreement of the parties concerned.
“Our spirit today is present in order to carry out our duties in accordance with the main duties of the authority of our institution, in order to realize the goals of the country,” said Chairman Kamijo Fitri.
We invite all of us to appreciate each other’s steps together earlier. After all, what we have just done is a form of our goodwill in the state to build human character who has the character of Karimah and cares for the environment both as a group and individually, he explained.

Cooperation between institutions which aims to support each other and assist in the implementation of each other’s duties and authorities within the agreed scope will produce a coordinated work system, ”he explained.

In the same room, Founder of the Indonesian Response Foundation (IR) Herie Marjanto said that the collaboration between the IR Foundation and the Kamijo Institution that had been carried out at Zero (O) Sabang City, Aceh Province was in the fields of Religion, Social Humanity and Education and Tourism.

Herie also said that the Indonesian Foundation’s response activities began in 2016 and the legality of the 2019 movement carried out by Indonesia was recognized as a response that has been running in 5 (five) Proventions, namely cleaning mosques in Jakarta, Central Java, East Java, West Java and Jokjakarta.

We have conducted a consultation meeting with the Ministry that tourist destinations need clean, healthy and good Mushallahs, please be accompanied by the clean movement of tourist destinations in geographic areas as locations that can attract tourists to stay temporarily consisting of various tourism products, so that they need various infrastructures to make it happen, one of which is the procurement of clean and comfortable prayer rooms.

“Please accompany a tourist district with a clean prayer room for tourist areas,” he said

Alhamdulillah, we has just made an MOU at Zero (O) KM Sabang City with the Kamijo Institution to assist and support the program of activities that will be carried out in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding of both parties.

Hopefully with the support of all parties, the Aceh tourism district that will be developed can run according to our expectations

“Hopefully with the collaboration between the Indonesian Response Foundation (IR) and the Kamijo Institution, it can run according to the results of the MoU that we have signed together at Zero Point (O) KM, Sabang City, Aceh Province,” he said.

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