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The Humming Of Peaceful Elections

Januari 1st,  2024



  Translated by: PO

Written by: Risdiana Wiryatni



The Humming Of Peaceful Elections

Risdiana Wiryatni’s notes *)


JAKARTA.ANN |Today, we have entered the new year 2024, and we only have a short time left, we enter the democratic party to determine the nation’s leader who will lead this nation’s journey in a better direction.

New year, new spirit, new commitment.
Let’s minimize all the political commotion that will cause political tensions to rise in 2023 by strengthening our collective commitment to keep political dynamics cool and peaceful, like a party, which must be interpreted with joy.

We must be jointly responsible, whoever will fight, let’s work together to maintain the existing harmony.

Criticizing is allowed, but not bad-mouthing, arguments are allowed, without having to put each other down.
As the essence of elections is to elect leaders who are trustworthy and honest while also having the ability and professionalism, so trustworthy leaders must also be born from voters or people who are honest and trustworthy.
Both voters and electors as well as implementers must ultimately submit to and follow the religious paradigm, legal paradigm and cultural paradigm so that everything runs in balance without hurting each other.

Because all the nation’s children will eventually return to their motherland and we will all try to give the best to the nation and state.

In fact, elections do not give rise to the stigma of winning or losing because elections are a process towards leadership or a mandate that will be carried out, not leadership to pursue power.

Elections are also a way to determine the fate of the nation for the next five years through the election of leaders.
The essence of elections is not just choosing the actual leader, but how we determine the fate of this nation in the next five years by choosing leaders.
The leader is only an instrument, the actor in how to oversee national development in the next five years must be good.

Through general elections, is the determination of the legitimacy of power based on a democratic system through elections.

Through elections, it is reflected that the majority of the people agree on who is worthy of being a member of the DPR, DPD, DPRD, and running mate for the President and Vice President.
In a democracy, leaders are not appointed or inherited according to lineage.

So, the purpose of general elections is the implementation of people’s sovereignty based on the 1945 Constitution.
Whoever will be the future leader will be the best son/daughter of the nation who is willing to sacrifice all his time and interests for his country or region.

Therefore, they must not attack each other. A peaceful election can be realized in five ways, namely first, the electoral framework is supportive. Second, election organizers have integrity, third, election participants are competitive.
Not justifying each other’s violating behavior, but monitoring each other because the most effective way is to control fellow participants.

Fourth, empowered voters and fifth, namely effective law enforcement.
These five things will create a peaceful election. Happy new year 2024, welcome to peaceful elections.
Let us unite our determination as children of the nation to maintain conduciveness ahead of the elections which we will soon hold.

*) Risdiana Wiryatni – CEO/Owner of Performance Group

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