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Succeeding the Healthy Village 2 NTB Program, Lotara ‘s Resort Police Department Intensify socialization

Februari 25th,  2021

Reported by :  Tio AF

 Prepared by : SO


Succeeding the Healthy Village 2 NTB Program, Lotara’s Police Resort Intensify socialization

North Lombok (ANN) ~ Realizing Healthy and Productive NTB, North Lombok Police Promotes Healthy Village Competition 2 In order to maximize the delivery of information to the community regarding the Healthy Village Competition Program, publication through various information means is carried out by the NTB Regional Police, for North Lombok Police a number of billboards Healthy Village Volume 2 has been installed in front of the Police Headquarters of North Lombok Police Thursday (25/02/2021)

Head of North Lombok Resort Police (Kapolres) Lotara, Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police (AKBP) Feri Jaya Satriansyah, SH said the installation of billboards is one of the media used to remind the public about the dangers of Covid-19 as well as instill awareness in the community to create a healthy village in line with success healthy village competition volume 1, which is considered capable of preventing the spread of infectious diseases in the community, initiated by the Head of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Regional Police Inspector General Pol Mohammad Iqbal SIK, MH

For maximum achievement, the Sektor Police Station (Polsek) array of North Lombok Resort Police Department (Polres) with 3 Pillars of the sub-district task force will continue to utilize various media, one of which is billboards, as an effort to make the Healthy Village Competition Volume 2 successful, as well as focus on improving food security and creating a conducive social security situation so that people are increasingly productive.
Healthy village competition which is planned to take place for the next 3 months, the Head of Lotara Police, Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police (AKBP) Feri Jaya Satriansyah, SH, together with other components will concentrate on making improvements in the areas that are indicators of assessment.

Furthermore, the Lotara ‘s Resort Police Department Chief (Kapolres)  conveyed by involving related elements such as the health sector, the security sector and the creative economy sector which put forward motivators, facilitators and dynamics in order to break the chain of spreading covid-19 in the legal area of ​​the North Lombok Police.

In a separate place, the North Lombok Police Chief AKBP Feri Jaya Satriansyah, SH, through the Head of the Lotara Police, Muhammad Sarbini appealed to and invites all levels of the KLU community to adhere to the Covid-19 Health Protocol, both places, in and out door with the hope of a Covid-19 pandemic soon ending the lid *** (Tio-AlFatih)


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