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SMKN 3 Vocational School Langsa is Famous for its Quality of Education, Friendly and Organized.

May 21st, 2024



  Translated by: PO

Reporter & Editor : PO


SMKN 3 Vocational School Langsa is Famous for its Quality of Education, Friendly and Organized.


Langsa. ANN – Langsa City has several Vocational Schools such as; SMKN 1, SMKN 2, SMKN 3, and SMKN 4.

The author has not had time to visit the four schools because the schedule has not been scheduled by the media editors.

However, how extraordinary and surprising was what the Chief Editor (PIMRED) of ANN media discovered when he visited and made his own observations at SMKN 3 Langsa some time ago during the first week of accepting new students in 2024.

The friendliness of the teachers and officers receiving registration for new students who were assigned was extraordinarily friendly, apart from their words, the students were also well served.

The PPDB party, which was assigned to and directly commanded by a school principal Halimatus Sakdiah, S.Pd. who was also extraordinarily friendly, made me truly reassured and satisfied with the service provided by the teachers as the PPDB committee at the school.

I observed several stages of student acceptance starting from taking forms, question and answer (interview), testing the ability to read the Al-Qur’an and finally being tested with basic practical skills that correspond to the students’ majors. choose.

After visiting and directly observing the process of accepting new students by the State Vocational High School (SMKN 3) and as Editor-in-Chief and Media Leader of ANN, Oestman Bin Syeikh assessed that the school, apart from being friendly, also made it easy for students to provide guidance in each major. they choose.

Oestman said “This school has extraordinary service, from registration to providing guidance services to each student.”

If the parents of students do not understand or are confused about the regulations, the PPDB of SMKN 3 Langsa school is ready to accompany and serve the new students until the final process, so I recommend that the parents of students or new students can register their children at the SMKN school. These 3 Langsa.” He added.

On that occasion, the Chairman of PWRI Aceh also hoped that all school principals at all levels would be able to carry out the mechanisms carried out by SMKN 3 Langsa School so that the school you lead is one of the best schools in Langsa City. (PO/red)


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