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Smart In Opinion Note D. Supriyanto JN

January 4th, 2023


 Reported and translated by: PO

Written: Jagad N (General Secretary of PWRI)


Smart In Opinion
Note D. Supriyanto JN


Jakarta (ANNN) | In the current era of openness, it is so easy for everyone to be provided with a variety of information. Not only that, there are various ideas and opinions that fill our public space. The easier it is for us to gain access to information, in fact it doesn’t always make us smarter. The flood of information, often only has an impact on how easy it is for us to judge something, based on our point of view.

The phenomenon that has occurred recently is that everyone is judging others. Public spaces are filled with various judgments about many things. Everyone is free to give opinions and opinions. Not a few suddenly become experts, determine what is right and what is wrong, without seeing the story on the other side. Instead of providing a solution, it creates discord, even for those we have never physically met.
Whereas in life, there are so many things that we don’t know by naked eye. There are different conditions from one to another. It would not be right, if we measure other people’s feet with the shoes we have. There are many sizes that we cannot force. There are principles and values that are also different for each person.

Thus, giving judgment on other people’s choices is the same as imposing our shoe size on others. Therefore, refrain from commenting easily. Because there are things that deserve to be commented on, but there are things that are more appropriate for us to make introspection about.

Busying yourself with more self-assessment is more important than being busy commenting on the choices made by other people, especially without providing solutions.

Now, in every condition that happens outside of us, let’s be wiser in our opinion. Because, we never know, what is God’s plan for us someday. Until we just realized when fate teased us with reality that forced us to make different choices from what we believed before.

Let’s clean up, introspective.

*) Cultural Worker, Bitter Coffee Connoisseur

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