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Several Lombok Farmers ‘Organizations in The Solidarity of the NTB Peasants Front give Speeches in Front of the Governor’s Office.

January 25 th, 2021

 Reported By : SO

Several Lombok Farmers’ Organizations Serve in Front of the Governor’s Office. Irfan: We urge the NTB Government (Governor) to be more observant and sensitive to problems that are detrimental and not on the side of the community, especially farmers and village communities.

MATARAM- (ANN), five organizations that are members of the Lombok Farmers Association (Front Rakyat Petani NTB) conducted a long march towards the gate area of ​​the governor’s office, on Monday morning (25-01-2021).
The five organizations that are members of the NTB Peasants’ Front include: the Perserikatan Petani Nasional (National Farmers Union), LMND, GMNI, the Gerakan Pemuda Marhein (Marhein Youth Movement) and the Lembaga Alam Nusantara (Nusantara Nature Institute)

The results of monitoring by the Asia Nation News (ANN) Media in that place, where tens of people were neatly lined up representing at least 5 farmer organizations that are members of the NTB Peasants Front solidarity, seen that each chairperson was tidying up a line of members to be ready to walk (long march) headed for the Governor’s office while a four-wheeled police race seemed to accompany them while controlling the traffic lane as well.
When they arrived at the gate area of ​​the Governor’s office, a shout was heard by one of the Field Coordinators (Korlap) shouting “Long live the farmers, long live the people of NTB and Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka …”, the demonstrators followed with enthusiasm. others simultaneously.
It appeared that the police officers were ready to guard the demonstration properly and professionally, some were on standby behind the gates of the governor’s office and some were also guarding the condition of the demonstrators and the smooth running of the road.
Even though they are on fire in demanding the government, the demonstrators always direct the demonstrators to maintain the Health Protocol (Prokes), such as all wearing masks and maintaining a distance of one meter from each demonstrator to other demonstrators because today we are still in the Covid 19 pandemic.

The results of media interviews (ANN) with Irfan (General Coordinator) who are members of several Lombok farmer organizations called the Lombok NTB Peasants’ Front, where he asked the government, especially the governor, to solve the masses that are being faced by low economic people, especially farmers and village communities, Irfan also urged the governor to be able to realize his promise to dignify the agricultural products of the Lombok people to the archipelago and stem those who seemed to be deliberately left without prevention and unclear land ownership and even recorded more than 800 thousand hectares of land, all of which are suspected to be parties. who deliberately want to enrich themselves, while the Members of the Council seem deaf and blin without taking any preventive measures against the interests of the people (People interest) who have chosen and trusted them as representatives in conveying the aspirations of the people as staff and servants. speak the tongue of the people so that it can be discussed in a plenary or plenary meeting.

When asked about what hope after this demo.? “It is our hope and all of us that in the future  the government, especially the Governor as the number one person in the Province, must really side with the people because some one to be being a Governor caused of us (people)”. he said while closing his words.

By 12 noon the demonstrators were in an orderly manner as was expected, namely an orderly and safe demonstration without any riots. *** (SO / 01)

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