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Rutilahu Surgery, a manifestation of IRJ Group’s commitment to eradicating poverty

April 16th, 2022



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Rutilahu Surgery, a manifestation of IRJ Group’s commitment to eradicating poverty



Jakarta (ANN) – House is one of the basic needs that must be met for everyone. The absence of a home has implications for the neglect of family members and can cause social problems.
PT Imza Rizky Jaya (IRJ) Group, through the Rumah Indonesia Terang program, continues to strive to help the community to have a decent house to live in, according to health and comfort standards for its residents.

“We continue to roll out the program for repairing houses that are uninhabitable or routine, to help people get decent houses according to health standards, so as to bring comfort to the residents. In addition, this routine surgery program is a form of IRJ Group’s commitment to assist the government in alleviating poverty,” said IRJ Group President Director Dr (Cn) Hj. Rizayati, SH, MM, told the news agency Strateginetwork, Monday (18/4/2022).

Hj. Rizayati said, people with middle to lower income generally have limitations to meet the needs of decent housing, especially for people who are classified as poor, owning a house is just a dream that may be difficult to realize.
Therefore, said this young entrepreneur from Bireuen Aceh, there needs to be intervention from other parties to make it happen, so that there is an even distribution of welfare.
The winner of a number of prestigious awards said that the rutilahu house renovation program, through the Rumah Indonesia Terang program, was carried out in the context of repairing uninhabitable houses, namely houses that did not meet health, security and social requirements.

“That the home renovation program is unfit for habitation (Rutilahu) is a form of our commitment to the people of Indonesia. Especially for low-income people (MBR) and middle-income people (MEM) in this case such as fishermen, laborers and others, “said Hj. Rizayati.

“It is hoped that through this program, our brothers and sisters can share in the joy and comfort of having their homes rehabilitated. So, this is a form of our commitment to the community, to our brothers and sisters by rehabilitating houses that are unfit for habitation,” explained Hj. Rizayati.
Hj. Rizayati said, for this year, his party targets to complete 1000 units for Java Island. (win/red)

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