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Rizky Pahlevy: Millennials Must Be Able to Delivery the Innovation

April 26th,  2024



  Translated by: PO

Written by: Jagad / Editorial


Rizky Pahlevy: Millennials Must Be Able to Delivery the Innovation


Jakarta.ANN – The young generation, or what is familiarly called millennials, is currently being challenged to be more creative and able to produce innovations that are beneficial not only for themselves but also for society at large.
This was conveyed by the Deputy Leader of the Ekselen Performance Company, Rizky Pahlevy in a statement in Jakarta, Friday [26/4/2024]

“The millennial generation must be able to produce innovations that are beneficial to society and the nation. Don’t be spectators and followers, but must be creators and motivators, must be being a leader, the way to deliver in to positive ideas and creations that are able to inspire other people,” said Rizky Pahlevy

Levy, as he is affectionately known, added that in 2030-2045 the Indonesian nation will receive a demographic bonus. This means that the majority of Indonesia’s population is of productive age.

For this reason, he said, it is important to shape the current young generation into a strong young generation, possessing knowledge, competence and noble character.

“For better or for worse, the progress and decline of our nation is determined by today’s young generation. For this reason, the millennial generation must equip themselves with knowledge, creativity and strengthen morals, so that they are able to bring the Indonesian nation on par and even one step ahead of other nations,” he added.

Levy said that the millennial generation is very close to technology. This generation cannot be separated from technology and the internet.
“Rapid technological progress, super dynamic life, and the development of telecommunications equipment must be utilized as well as possible to create new innovations that are beneficial for this nation,” he said.

“Therefore, as the nation’s next generation, the millennial generation in Indonesia must not lose out in competition with young people from other countries. “High education it selves is not enough, today’s young Indonesians must equip themselves with various experiences and good soft skills,” said Levy.

Levy added that being a creative, active and innovative person is a must in the souls of young people. This is the main requirement for the millennial generation to be able to compete and face various challenges in this increasingly dynamic world.

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