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Rizky Pahlevi: Create the Best Generation in the Political Arena, Millennials Don’t Just Be Objects for Votes

May 12th,  2024



  Translated by: PO

Written by: Jagad / Ed


Rizky Pahlevi: Create the Best Generation in the Political Arena, Millennials Don’t Just Be Objects for Votes


Jakarta. ANN – The President’s and Legislative Election events have ended. Soon, we will enter the political year again with Regional Head Elections being held simultaneously throughout Indonesia.

The position of the millennial generation is very important in the current political year. The millennial generation is part of determining the progress and success of democracy, both at the regional and national levels.

Rizky Pahlevi, one of the millennial figures, said that millennials could play an important role in the 2024 regional head elections, both as voters, organizers and even as election participants.
“Talking about politics is of course very interesting, even in public spaces or coffee shops we can’t escape discussing politics. “So far, the stigma regarding politics is often portrayed as something bad, dirty and full of intrigue,” said Rizky Pahlevi, Saturday [11/5/2024]

According to Levy, as he is affectionately known, to eliminate the bad stigma about politics, it is important for all parties to educate, recognize the role and provide channels for millennials in the political field.
Levi said, in the world of “practical politics” and “ethical politics” the millennial generation has recently shown quite a prominent role and contribution.

“To create the best generations in the political arena, the millennial generation should not only be an object for voting, but there is another thing that is very important, namely conveying political education and the importance of millennials being involved positively,” he said.

Levi hopes that all sectors of society will open up and provide access for millennials to continue learning and prepare themselves to become future leaders of this nation.

In facing the 2024 regional elections, Levi asked young people or the millennial generation, the Gen Z generation, to be more politically literate. So that you can become an intelligent voter through the election process and use your voting rights well.

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