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Remove Riko, Kapolda Appoints Irwasda as Head of Medan Polrestabes

January 22nd, 2022



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Remove Riko, Kapolda Appoints Irwasda as Head of Medan Polrestabes

Medan-North Sumatera (ANN) | Medan Police Chief, Kombes Riko Sunarko, has been removed from his post. As his successor, the North Sumatran Police Chief (Kapoldasu) Inspector General RZ Panca Putra Simanjuntak appointed Irwasda, Pol Kombes Armia Fahmi.

This dismissal was strongly suspected because Pol Kombes Riko Sunarko was involved in bribery from drug dealers. “Starting tonight, Kombes Riko, who previously served as the Medan Police Chief, I will temporarily withdraw to undergo an examination at the Propam Poldasu,” said Panca accompanied by the Deputy Chief of the North Sumatran Police Brigadier General Dadang Hartanto, Friday (21/1/2022) night.

According to him, Kombes Riko Sunarko has temporarily withdrawn from the position of the Medan Police Chief to undergo an investigation into the alleged bribery case. “For his successor, Irwasda Polda Sumut Kombes Pol Armia Fahmi will serve as the daily executor of the Medan Police Chief,” Panca explained.

It is known, in a trial held at the Medan District Court, it was revealed that a police official at the Medan Polrestabes received a bribe of Rp. 300 million from the wife of a drug dealer.

The money was allegedly distributed to the Head of the Narcotics Unit at the Medan Polrestabes amounting to Rp. 150 million Rupias, to the Head of the Drug Research Unit of Rp 40 million Rupias.

Even the name of the Medan Police Chief, Kombes Riko Sunarko, was also dragged into the trial. Kombes Riko is said to have used the remaining Rp75 million in bribes to buy a motorbike as a gift for one of TNI Babinsa. (KTS/rail)

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