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PT IRJ Reminds The Parties To Immediately Stop Using Emblems That has Similarities With Indonesia Terang

December 22nd, 2021



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PT IRJ Reminds The Parties To Immediately Stop Using Emblems That Has Similarities With Indonesia Terang


Jakarta (ANN) | PT Imza Rizky Jaya (IRJ) Group strongly reminds parties to immediately stop, not to use and not to use the emblem that has similarities to Indonesia Terang. The affirmation was conveyed by the Commissioner of PT Imza Rizky Jaya, Dr. An uproar Soekarno Putra, in a press conference at the PT IRJ office, The Plaza Tower, Jakarta, Wednesday (22/12/2021)

Gempar conveyed that there are certain parties who use an emblem that has similarities with the  Indonesia Terang. This, according to Gempar, is that the use of an emblem that has similarities to Indonesia Terang can mislead the public and violate copyright. “That the Indonesia Terang program is a program to procure funds or install Solar Street Lighting (PJU-TS) which was initiated by Dr. (Cn) Hj. Rizayati, SH, MM, and managed by PT Imza Rizky Jaya, a Limited Liability Company, which was established under Indonesian law, namely Law no. 40 of 2007 concerning Limited Liability Companies.

The program was first launched to the public on January 22, 2019, at the Cipta Hotel, Pancoran, South Jakarta,” said Dr. Gempar Soekarno Putra. Gempar explained that as an idea for the program idea, it was announced for the first time on June 15, 2010 in Bireun, Aceh. Furthermore, he explained, it was fixed and protected based on Law Number 28 of 2014 concerning Copyright by the Directorate of Copyright and Industrial Design, Directorate General of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Law & Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia under No. EC00202181160. “That to protect the name of the Indonesia Terang program, we have also registered under Law no. 20 of 2016 concerning Brands and Geographical Indications under No. JID2021090144 in class 42 which protects all design and consulting related to the development of computer hardware and software, affiliation to solar lighting technology,” he explained.

“That we also protect and protect the name of the managing corporation and the tagline of the “Riza Comes Indonesia Terang” program based on the Trademark and Geographical Indication Law under No. JID2021090235 in class 37 which protects all services in the field of installation, installation, repair of equipment for lighting which is affiliated to the installation of electric lamps, machines and the like,” said Gempar.

He emphasized that the use of copyrights, brands, logos and images of the Indonesia Terang program by any party and anyone without the permission of PT IRJ as the legal owner of the “Indonesia Terang” program and brand, is a real form of counterfeiting, piracy, violations and acts against law. “Furthermore, the misuse of our copyright and Indonesian Terang brand to sell goods and/or services for personal gain is a real form of fraud against the public at large,” He said . “That we know for certain that there are a number of companies/institutions that have organized solar street lighting programs (PJU TS) this decade, this is not a problem for us as long as we do not use, use and/or imitate our Copyrights or Indonesian Terang Brands. without rights, without permission and against the law in the program being held. Because such assistance is clearly very detrimental to our legal interests as the legal owner of the Copyright and Mark “Indonesia Terang”, it can further damage the reputation of the Copyright and Mark that has been accepted by the public in addition to misleading people about the quality and origin of our program. , “said Gempar.

He added that in connection with the description above, the public was warned firmly and sternly not to use the Indonesia Terang emblem in the PJU-TS activities and/or programs held because it gave us the right to file a civil lawsuit, claim for compensation. and reporting of sexual crimes as referred to in Article 99 paragraphs (1), (3), (4) jo. Articles 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, and 120 of Law no. 28 / 2014 About Copyright.

“Furthermore, we will carry out all forms of resistance and respond to all accusations that can damage the reputation of the Bright Indonesia program and the image of the program that we have initiated and managed so far,” he said. “Because of that and because of that, we remind the parties to be loud and firm to stop immediately, not to use and not to use the emblem that has similarities to our Indonesia Terang” so that it can mislead the public in distinguishing the origin and type of program.

Furthermore We remind the beneficiary communities to be careful and selective in recognizing the actual PJU-TS program, if there are obstacles or something that leads to fraud or is considered to cause losses related to this program by anyone and anywhere to immediately report to the authorities, ” he said. At the end of the event Dr. Gempar Seokarno Putra again emphasized that legal warnings were made and conveyed to the parties, so that they were heeded and received proper attention.

Present at the press conference, Dr. Gempar Soekarno Putra as Commissioner of PT Imza Rizky Jaya, Makmur Pulaelo, SE (Internal Auditor), Clara Monica, S.Sos (Manager of Public Relations) Dr. Drs. Said Fadhil, SH, M. Hum (General Manager) and Ismuhar, ST (Operational Manager) (jgd/red)

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