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President Pinter Dr (Cn) Hj. Rizayati, SH, MM: Strengthening SMEs to Awaken The Indonesian Economy

March 21st, 2022



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President Pinter Dr (Cn) Hj. Rizayati, SH, MM: Strengthening SMEs to Awaken The Indonesian Economy


Jakarta | Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have a strategic role in the national economy. In order for the national economy to bounce back after being beaten by Covid-19, the government and the private sector must work together to strengthen MSMEs.

This was conveyed by the President of the Indonesia Terang Party (Pinter) Dr (Cn) Hj. Rizayati, SH, MM, told the strategy news agency in Jakarta, Monday (21/3/2022) morning.

Hj. Rizayati said that MSMEs have a significant role in strengthening the national economy. MSMEs, said the initiator of the Indonesia Terang program, are able to absorb around 96.9 percent of the workforce based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS).

In addition, said the successful entrepreneur from Bireuen Aceh, MSMEs also contribute to 15.6 percent of non-oil exports and 4.1 percent of the global value chain ratio.

“MSMEs have a significant and strategic role in strengthening the Indonesian economy. Therefore, we must strengthen MSMEs so that the Indonesian economy can bounce back after being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, where MSMEs are the most affected sector,” said Hj. Rizayati.

“We have a number of strategies so that MSME players can seize the opportunities that exist, and be able to compete at a global level. One of them, we introduce superior MSME products in various events, both national and international events. God willing, we are also in preparation for the Asean MSME exhibition in Malaysia in the near future,” he said.

The winner of various prestigious awards said that his party also contributed to empowering MSMEs through the Indonesia Terang MSME program.

Through this program, he said, his party not only collaborated with MSME partners, but also held various trainings to improve product quality, marketing, packaging, and digitization.

“With the programs that we will hold, it is hoped that MSME actors will be able to host in their own country, and be able to seize opportunities and compete at a global level,” he explained.

“Indonesia has the potential of a strong national economic base because the number of MSMEs, especially micro-enterprises, is very large and the absorption of labor is very large. This business base has also proven to be strong in the face of the economic crisis. Micro-enterprises also have a fast transaction turnover, use domestic production and are in contact with the primary needs of the community. It is the responsibility of all of us to Together strengthen our MSMEs,” he concluded.

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