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Not Even A Month On Duty, The Riau Police Chief Revealed 80 Kg Of Crystal Methamphetamine And Arrested 11 Suspects

January 22nd, 2022



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Not Even A Month On Duty, The Riau Police Chief Revealed 80 Kg Of Crystal Methamphetamine And Arrested 11 Suspects


Pekanbaru (ANN) |Riau Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Mohammad Iqbal gave a hard code to perpetrators of illicit narcotics trafficking in Bumi Lancang Kuning.

Not even 1 month into his assignment in Riau, the two-star general managed to uncover a drug case with fantastic evidence. “Alhamdulillah, because of my hard work, for 17 days I was included in Pak Gub’s team (Riau Governor, ed) carrying out police duties, and succeeded in arresting 11 suspects with 80 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine evidence at five crime scenes in Dumai City and Pekanbaru,” he said. Inspector General of Police Moh Iqbal, Thursday (22/01/2022).

The Regional Police Chief (Kapolda) who was accompanied by Riau Governor Syamsuar, Danrem 031/WB Brigadier General M Syech Ismed and Head of the Riau BNNP, Brigadier General Robinson Siregar, said that his party would not stop here. His ranks will continue to work to uncover an even larger drug ring.

“I said that the team will not stop here. Currently, the team is working to pursue several allegations that are suspected to have come from this network, even the big airports and dealers have been identified,” said the former West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Police Chief. “The principle for us is to get to the smallest ant hole. Wherever they are, we will chase them because this will damage our country, our generation,” he continued.

The statement of the number one person in the Bhayangkara Riau Corps is not without basis. Geographical conditions with long coastlines make Riau an easy target for the entry of these illicit goods. For this reason, he appealed to all parties to join together in efforts to eradicate illicit drug trafficking.

“Therefore, today we ask Mr. Governor, Mr. Danrem, Mr. Head of BNNP to support us, because the work of preventing, overcoming, eradicating narcotics illicit traffic is the spirit of cooperation in extraordinary ways,” concluded the Inspector General of Police. Moh Iqbal.

Apart from taking action, said the Kapolda, efforts and prevention will also be increased. His party will strengthen the fishing communities on the shores of the effort. “Finally, we will beat up not only law enforcement and prevention, but also ML from this network, because the blood is there, the funds are there.

We will cut demand and supply together maximally,” concluded the Riau Police Chief. It is known, a few days ago, the Riau Police through the ranks of the Directorate of Narcotics Investigation (Ditresnarkoba) managed to arrest 11 perpetrators of illicit drug trafficking. Along with that, 11 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine were also confiscated as evidence. (Release)

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