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Mr. Vice Regent Of North Lombok Opens KLA    (Child Appropriateness Of Friendly  District) 2021 Meeting

March 25th, 2021



Prepared by : Tio AF and KLU’s PR

Translated by : PO


Mr. Vice Regent Of North Lombok Opens KLA    (Child Appropriateness Of Friendly  District) 2021 Meeting

North Lombok (ANN), The Province Public Relation Secretariat of the KLU – In order to realize a Child Appropriateness  District (KLA) through the fulfillment of 24 KLA indicators, the North Lombok Regency Government (KLU) through the PPA Social Service held a Working Meeting to discuss the KLA Responsible Matrix.

The event was opened by the Deputy Regent of North Lombok Danny Karter Febrianto ST MEng at Tanjung (24/3/2021). Also present were the Deputy Chairperson of the North Lombok DPRD Mariadi SAg, the Chairperson of the PKK KLU Dra Hj Galuh Nurdiyah, OPD Leadership Elements, NGOs and other invitees.

Mr. Vice Regent Danny conveyed that KLA is a district development system that integrates among government, community, family and business resources that are planned in a comprehensive and sustainable manner with a policy of activity programs that fulfill children’s rights.

“To achieve this, the realization of KLA becomes our collective responsibility. Both the government, society and all of us are present today,” he added.

He also said, we need to realize together that children are an investment in the future so that the appreciation and support of all elements of society including the KLU DPRD is needed. In principle, the development of KLA has the aim of building local government initiatives. Conventions on the rights of the child start from the legal framework, strategies to development interventions in the form of policies, institutions, programs and development activities in order to fulfill children’s rights on their Appropriatenessin KLU.

“There are several indicators that we have prepared in order to become North Lombok to become KLA, including institutional, child-worthy indicators and the readiness of villages and sub-districts,” he added.

In addition, he continued, solving social problems of children, persons with disabilities, isolation and protection of children from child trafficking and exploitation. The KLA development strategy is pursued by the strategy of mainstreaming children’s rights in the influence of policies on development programs and activities. Starting from the budgeting stage to the program.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the PKK KLU TP, Dra Hj Galuh Nurdiyah, said that KLA activities have a good meaning in investing in the future of children in KLU. He said he thanked and welcomed the work meeting to discuss the KLA indicators.

He also conveyed that PKK has 10 main programs, one of which is family development, childcare that plays an important role in a family. Determining the good and bad character of children, parents have the obligation and responsibility to nurture and nurture, educate and protect children.

“Let’s unite common perceptions, synergize programs or activities in establishing North Lombok as a Child Friendly District. We need to work hard together to make it happen,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kadis Sosial PPA Faisol MSi stated that one third of the total population in North Lombok are children. In addition, children are also the relay for the future of the nation.

“Several things have been done since KLA was in KLU. Among them, forming a task force to determine KLA facilitators, the District Children’s Forum, strengthening the implementation of the KLA Regional Regulation as well as training and socialization,” he said.

The series of events ran smoothly and solemnly, while still implementing the Covid-19 health program. (sap)
photo: Tio / rar / humaspro(KLU’s PR)

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