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Mr. Regent and His Deputy Make Journey of Safari Friday Memaraq Program in Jambianom Tanjung Hamlet

March 20th, 2021



Prepared by : Tio AF and KLU’s PR

Translated by : PO


Mr. Regent Of KLU and His Deputy  Make Journey of Safari Friday Memaraq Program in Jambianom Tanjung Hamlet (Village)

North Lombok (ANN), Public Relations Regional Secretariat of KLU – North Lombok Regent H Djohan Sjamsu SH held a visit entitled Friday Safari Activities in the Memaraq Program in front of the congregation of the Jambianom Hamlet Mosque Gathering, Medana Village, Tanjung Lombok Utara (19/3/2021).

Present accompanying Deputy Regent Danny Karter Febrianto ST MEng, Officer of Acting Regional Secretary Drs H Raden Nurjati, Assistant I Kawit Sasmita SH along with OPD leaders, Head of Tanjung Samsul Bahri MM, All Village Chieves and the mosque congregation. The activity begins with Friday prayers together.

Mr. Regent H. Djohan conveyed that this Friday Safari activity was the third time since it was inaugurated last February. In order to carry out one of the Memaraq Program’s missions, the government meets the people of North Lombok.

“In the future, we will invite discussion figures related to the current government. The current government has a lot of homework to complete, such as the construction of earthquake houses for the community that have not been completed,” he said.

The atmosphere of concern, he continued, was due to two disasters, the earthquake and the Covid-19 pandemic that hit especially in North Lombok. The year 2021 is tough for the North Lombok Regency Government. Two disasters that hit the world economic crisis, especially the economy of North Lombok.

“I ask epe to selapuk (local word) (all of us), the RTG which has been a problem so far, let’s solve it together,” hoped the Mr. regent.

North Lombok is still in a tough condition due to Covid-19. The District Development Budget Plan its called (APBD) has decreased by up to 300 billion, resulting in a decline in development progress, especially with the refocusing of the 4 percent DAU budget. Of course, all development activities in North Lombok generally experience obstacles.

“Another problem is that 2 bridges have not yet realized the northern ring road measuring 20 meters wide by 11 kilometers long. According to calculations by related parties, it is estimated that it will cost 700 billion. Of course the region can not afford it, except by seeking other support. The road construction is important to unravel the density on the highway, “he said.

Accelerating the distribution of PDAM (District Water Supplyer Company) services is also a priority, considering that many people in North Lombok have not enjoyed it and have realized the Global Hub which is a priority for the Regional Government.

Meanwhile, Vice Regent of KLU, Danny conveyed that office infrastructure, educational facilities and religious facilities need to be paid attention to date.

“Home assistance from the central government is currently 16 thousand houses that have not been processed from SK 1 to 27. Meanwhile, the follow-up SK is 7,164 families. Meanwhile, April 30, 2021 is the transition period, so how to speed up the RTG process is resolved,” he added.

Nevertheless, he continued, asked not to be pessimistic about the situation. Convinced that every difficulty, every difficulty will find ideas, the latest thought innovations that become a bridge for the economy.

At the event, the Regent Djohan handed over assistance from Baznas KLU which was intended for the local mosque. **(Tio / wld / ysf / humaspro)

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