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Mj’Studio North Lombok Fitness Center Holds the First Indonesian Elderly & Pre-Elderly Gymnastics Training Center (KLPI) in North Lombok.

March 7th, 2021


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Mj’Studio North Lombok Fitness Center Holds the First Indonesian Elderly & Pre-Elderly Gymnastics Training Center (KLPI) in North Lombok.

Tanjung.KLU (ANN) -Mj’studio North Lombok fitness center holds fitness training for the elderly and pre-elderly in Indonesia, for gymnastics Instructors (March 7th, 2021), staff representatives from several OPDs, & several communities who have been active in the field of fitness (gymnastics). Mj’studio collaborated with the DnG Yunix Studio, East Lombok, as a resource for the KLPI Gymnastics training, the team from the DnG Yunix studio has received training in Jakarta for KLPI Gymnastics trainers.

Participants who attended this activity consisted of several active gymnastics instructors in North Lombok, staff representatives from the Health Office, RSUD, Puskesmas Pemenang, Nipah, Ganga, Santong, Kayangan, Bayan & Senaru, as well as representatives from Disbudpar, Dikpora, & several people who are active today in the field of fitness.

The purpose and purpose of holding the Standard Fitness Gymnastics Training for the Elderly and Pre-Elderly is a sign that North Lombok Persani has started to spread its wings that we are already in the midst of society and are ready to be with the community to start getting used to maintaining our health and fitness or ourselves through gymnastics.

“Therefore, we deliberately attract professionals in the field of exercise and fitness to work together with us (PERSANI and MJ Studio) to continue to do our best to become companions and instructors to both the elderly and pre-elderly, even though we are. highly prioritizing the young generation as the next generation in the search for talent or athletes in the future “. said the Mawar

The purpose of implementing this training activity is, to increase the capacity of instructors who have been actively teaching gymnastics in North Lombok, and also to have staff representatives from each OPD who can train KLPI Standard gymnastics later in each OPD, especially for agencies – Health agencies and the most participants are from the North Lombok Regional Government Health Agencies, namely from the Health Office, Region General Hospital (RSUD) & 7 Regional Government Health Center (Puskesmas) and KLPI standard gymnastics can also be used by health personnel at the puskesmas for elderly programs, such as elderly posyandu & elderly gymnastics.

In the future Mj’studio North Lombok will carry out several more trainings for instructors & prospective instructors in North Lombok. So that in North Lombok more and more fitness teachers are licensed & able to educate people in the field of fitness with proper and correct teaching techniques. Participants who attended this training had strictly followed Prokes C-19 which had been implemented by the government, and participants who registered were also limited according to the available room capacity. ***(PO)

By: Mawar Junita, Owner of Mj’Studio Fitness Center, North Lombok.


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