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Making The Society uneasy, The Government Will Immediately Close the TNI PAMRAHWAN Military Personnel Command Post, Infantry Battalion RK 763 In Tambrauw, West Papua

April 15th 2021


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Making The Society uneasy, The Government Will Immediately Close the TNI PAMRAHWAN Military Personnel Command Post, Infantry Battalion RK 763 In Tambrauw, West Papua

The people of Tambrauw, West Papua Province, were troubled by the presence of security forces at the task force post (task force) of the Indonesian National Army. This restlessness was triggered by the apparatus who acted arbitrarily against the people there. As reported by DPK PRIMA Tambrauw, Moses Yewen was tortured by two task force officers on Friday April 9, 2021 at a food stall owned by Danramil Fef, not far from the TNI PAMRAHWAN task force post. As a result, the victim suffered abrasions all over his body as a result of being dragged. The incident sparked protests. On Saturday, April 10, 2021 at the Fef, the capital city of Tambrauw Regency, residents gathered in front of the Pamrahwan Yonif RK 763 Post to protest to the TNI, they barred and closed the TNI post and urged the TNI to process the law on the perpetrator, as well as the closure of the post.

Based on the observation from the local PRIMA, the protests from the residents were not without reason, but they felt uneasy with the presence of the authorities in their area. In 2021 alone, more than two cases of violence have been recorded. Persecution of Yusmani Yesnath and Tomi Yekwam on January 1 in Syubun district. Previously, violence against 4 Kosyefo residents who were persecuted in Kwoor Village on July 28, 2020. In 2019, Yakobus Yewen experienced violence in Syufun village and Yohanis Yekwam in Fef, the perpetrators were TNI personnel. In 2018, TNI personnel assaulted 3 people and intimidated 2 Bamuswaiman residents, namely Matias Yekwam, Agus Yekwam and Adolof Yesnath were tortured to a pulp, then the TNI member cut (sliced) the skin of the three victims with a razor and then rubbed salt on the wound. Two other residents who were also intimidated were Isaya Yekwam and Petrus Yesyan

The violence in Tambrauw has increased, as residents complained to the DPK PRIMA management, that the Pansca of many TNI members were mobilized organically and non-organically who were placed in Task Force Posts (Satgas), to secure government projects since 20214, and the new Koramil was several districts as well as the new Kodim built in 2019-2020. According to the community, this situation of violence is different from previous years, where Tambrauw residents lived in safety, without any violence by the authorities against civilians.

It should be noted, Tambrauw residents live peacefully and regularly in their social system. The Tambrauw people consist of the Miyah, Ireres, Mpur and Abun tribes as well as the Byak Tambrauw tribe community, the Moy Klin tribe as small. The civilization of the local community lived regularly in traditional and religious traditions before the presence of arrogant and disturbing state apparatus. For this reason, PRIMA urges arrogant TNI personnel to be immediately sanctioned and thoroughly investigated by the violence that has occurred so far in Tambrauw and Tanah Papua in a comprehensive manner. Apparatus posts and the formation of a task force that prioritizes a territorial security approach, is replaced by a cultural and welfare approach. This is done by means of the political institution of the Papuan People’s Council as the basis for the values ​​of Pancasila as a solution to overcoming problems in this country.

Spokeman of PRIMA : Arkilaus Baho