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Maimul Mahdi Explain How Important The Aceh Party (PA) Should Be Standing For Ever Lasting By Aceh People

Januari 24th,  2024



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Maimul Mahdi Explain How Important The Aceh Party (PA) Should Be Standing For Ever Lasting By Aceh People


Picture : The Society within members of PA party snapped pict for the memory.

Langsa City. ANN | Maimul Mahdi S.Sos went to visit people who lives among Paya Bujok village as his journey as part of socialisation at Wak Don coffee shop area in Dusun Utama. Wednesday 24/01/24.

In accordiance of his speech that he urged all Acehnese people especially in this village (Payabujok Seulemak). He said that acehnese need to be stand for being of side by Aceh Party (PA).

In his lecture that we Will be disappointed if lost of our own Party that had fight for people confiniences since the party had born trough Helsinki ‘s Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Almost eighteen years the PA party had been strugling for peoples right such are Infrastrukture, healthy program trough JKA and other programs that still running on progress and also to full fill the regulations of act including UUPA as well.

Maimul Mahdi known have been services second periode as incumbant  people representives council and again he registered for the third periode on the next election competition on 14th February 2024.

On the socialisation visit be side of Maimul Mahdi as speaker also came along with are, Marzuki Hamid as DPRA of Aceh regional 2 candidate of PA party, former chief of Payabujok village Syafi’i, owner of YPAN Foundation Ismail A. Janan and others fellows and PA party members, meanwhile Usman Abdullah (former mayor of Langsa) had no chance to come on that visit because of he must be present in to other event.

On that times Maimul Mahdi said that he Would be presenting for people and trying his best for the future and hopefully the society of acehnese especially the people who lives in Payabujok Seulemak district of Langsa Baro.” He concluded (PO)


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