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Justice and Union Party Remains Optimistic About Becoming An Election Participant.

March 8th, 2023


 Reported by: PO


Partai Keadilan dan Persatuan (PKP)  Justice and Union Party) Remains Optimistic About Becoming An Election Participant.


The Justice and Unity Party (PKP) led by Mayjend Mar Purn Yussuf Solichien continues to fight to pass PKP to become an election participant.

PKP still continues to file a lawsuit at the Jakarta Administrative Court, because PKP is not a party yesterday afternoon, we have participated in elections since 1999 until the last election we managed to place PKP legislative members as many as 154 DPRD seats.

PKP already has a constituency so it is impossible not to have a membership, because the sipol system is detrimental to PKP regarding membership.
As for the office, party account, and other requirements, PKP meets the requirements (MS) in membership only PKP does not meet the requirements (TMS).

Jhoni as the head of PKP said that it is impossible for a party that has been established from 1999 not to have members, PKP continues to participate in elections and continues to be verified because PKP does not meet the PT threshold or parliament Treshould means that not only now PKP faces KPU verification and should be attached because there is a constituent voice that PKP represents.

The KPU must see that by not allowing the Justice and Unity Party to participate in the election, the people’s voices are being sacrificed.

We also hope that the State Administrative Court will see that there is a loss of people’s votes because some people trusted PKP to channel their choices.

There is no problem between PKP and the KPU, but the sipol system is the problem for PKP so we failed to be announced as an election participant.

However, we are still fighting for PKP to become an election participant.
PKP is the party of fighters. Labor fighters, fishermen fighters, agricultural fighters, millennial fighters.

PKP was founded by retired General Edi Sudrajad, since the party was founded, it has always gained the trust of the people who channeled their voting rights to PKP, both the first level DPRD and the second level DPRD, but it has also placed its best cadres in the DPR RI before the Trheshould parliament (PT) applies.

PKP Chairman Mayjend Mar Purn DR H Yussuf Solichien MBA, ph.D continues to fight to pass PKP to become an election participant, optimistic and enthusiastic, asking PKP cadres not to care about others, just focus on PKP to become an election participant.

Rest assured that with the many trials PKP will become a big party, cadres must remain compact, solid so that we are not easily fragile and shaky. (**)



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