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Just Completed, the Rp 9 Billion Bus Station Project in Langsa Has Leaked


January 5th, 2022



Reported And Translated by: PO

Written by: Asrul

Source of News: AJNN

Just Completed, the Rp 9 Billion Bus Station Project in Langsa Has Leaked


LANGSA CITY (ANN) | The condition of water flowing through the ceiling in the newly renovated Langsa’s Bus Station  (Terminal).  The Langsa Type A Terminal Revitalization Project, which was just completed in 2021, has leaked in the ceiling.

The incident occurred on Sunday night, January 2, 2022, when the city of Langsa and its surroundings was hit by heavy rain. According to information received by AJNN, the leak of the terminal’s ceiling had caused panic and concern for a number of residents at the location, because the electrical devices installed were wet with leaked water, then residents at the location immediately turned off the lights (electric city), afraid of being electrocuted.

Coordinator of Langsa Type A Terminal Service Unit, Syafruddin Doles, confirmed by AJNN, Tuesday (4/1/2022) confirmed that the terminal rehabilitation project which was being carried out in 2021 had suffered ceiling leak. According to Doles, the project was carried out by PT. Cinta Marga Abadi with a contract value of Rp 9.2 billion with the 2021 APBN budget source.

Even though the contract has expired, Doles said, the project still has a maintenance period and the leaky ceiling has been repaired. The same thing was conveyed by Azhari who is a confidant of the company PT. Cinta Marga Abadi in the field. According to him, the maintenance period for the project is still there until March 2022. “The maintenance period is six months since the contract expired in September 2021,” Azhari said, explaining that the leak in the ceiling occurred because there was a blockage in the drainage channel on the second floor.

The drain hole is clogged with a plastic glass of aqua drink that was thrown from the roof. “There are 12 holes, 6 of which are clogged and then the gutters are swollen, then water enters the ceiling and then goes down,” Azhari explained. “We are also angry with Transportation people who work on the second floor of the terminal for throwing garbage on the roof,” he added

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