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Intan Hapsari Putri, This Beautiful Woman Has Successfully Lose Weight Naturally

March 03rd, 2021


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Intan Hapsari Putri, This Beautiful Woman Has Successfully Lose Weight Naturally

North Lombok (ANN) – Who doesn’t want to have an ideal body ? Almost everyone wants an ideal body, especially women, every woman has a desire for an ideal body, among women, diets are often done for health reasons and want to lose their weight.

Many think that if the body is ideal, it will be more beautiful to look at and easy to wear any style of clothes. However, to get a healthy and ideal body one needs hard work and strong motivation. Like the story of this beautiful woman from the city of Batu, East Java.

This beautiful woman, whose full name is Intan Hapsari Putri, took only 10 months to cut her body weight, as quoted by this media (2/02/2021)

Gymnastics 5 x a week from 70 kg, now to 54 kg

Initially, Intan weighed 70 kg. He tries to lose weight with a healthy lifestyle. It is from this healthy lifestyle that he gradually loses weight. Until now, her body weight is 54 kg, Intan decided to share her diet tips.

Even this beautiful woman then shared her diet tips. He emphasized that to get the ideal body you don’t have to have a strict diet, because it will only create stress. Intan recommends controlling your calorie intake and dividing your meals into smaller portions, such as eating 2 meals a day with smaller portions than usual.

Even these Intan-style diet tips are also recommended by nutrition consultant and clinical dietitian, Pooja Makhija. Pooja Makhija explains that eating shorter intervals with smaller portions can prevent overeating and help to maintain food portions.

Intan has been implementing this healthy diet, and managed to get the ideal body for 10 months. Here are some useful tips that Intan applies during her diet.

1. Drink water before eating. It not only fills the stomach so that we don’t overeat, it also helps revitalize the skin.

2. Sleep for 8 hours a day. Research actually shows that lack of sleep can lead to obesity.

3. Consume lots of protein and don’t consume sugar. Instead, use natural sugars in fruits and vegetables or replace sugar with honey.

4. Although water is recommended, it is not the only drink. During her weight loss journey, Intan actually only drank clean water to increase her metabolism and energy before exercising.

5. Eating habits may have a big impact on weight loss, but that’s not everything. Intan said, doing gymnastics 1 hour a day regularly will definitely help in the weight loss process.

6. Avoid alcohol. This is not good for the body because a glass of alcohol usually contains 8 tablespoons of sugar.

7. Don’t forget to have some breakfast, because breakfast can help you not to get hungry quickly and control hunger. ***(Tio ~ AF)