Hundred Years Old Archaeological Tomb Site Found in Kajhu Toll Road Project, Threatened With Extinction If Not to be Saved

10 februari 2021

Translated by : PO

More Than Hundred Years Old Archaeological Tomb Site Found in Kajhu Toll Road Project, Threatened With Extinction If Not to be Saved


Head of Peusaba Aceh Mawardi Usman reported the discovery of an ancient grave site complex in the Kajhu Toll Gate area which was in the process of being worked on (9/2/2020). This can be seen from the former excavations which show that the tomb there is the tomb of kings and the graves of the great scholars of Aceh in the era of the Sultanate of Aceh Darussalam.

Mawardi said he was very surprised by the news that the construction of the Kajhu Toll Road project was planning to destroy it by moving the ancient site complex.

Head of Peusaba Mawardi Usman reminded that in last year’s Pandaan Malang toll road construction project, ancient historical sites were found, then toll roads were changed and shifted, the same thing should also be done to protect ancient tombs in the Kajhu Aceh Besar Historical Site Area.

The Kajhu Historical Site area in Baitussalam is a special area in the era of the Aceh Darussalam sultanate which is subject to and governed directly under the Sultan, which includes the areas of Kajhu, Cadek, Lambada, Kuala Gigeng and its surroundings. This area is an important area in the era of the Aceh Darussalam Sultanate.

The Kajhu area has long been known as the residence of the royal family. History records Tuanku Hasyim Banta Muda (1848-1897) Wali Sultan Muhammad Dawod Syah and the Aceh War Commander who fought Van Swieten, were born here. This area is also known as the residence of Wazir Sultan Panglima Paduka Sinara who is also Ulebalang Pulau Weh.

The Tombs (Teronggok), outside the toll road. A historical site that must be preserved.
There is also another famous Ulebalang Teuku Paya Ulebalang Mukim Paya and Lambada, he is a member of the Eight Council, namely 8 Acehnese officials who lobbied against the Dutch in Penang. When the Aceh War broke out, Teuku Paya sent a letter to the President of the U.S. Grant (1869-1877) and to the President of France (1873-1879) Marshal Mc Mahon.

There is a historical site for the burial of the Aceh Darussalam sultanate officials at the Kajhu Cot Paya Toll Road Gate in Aceh Besar, the complex of hundreds of years old ancient sites is currently in a state of danger of being lost and destroyed by the toll road project.

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Hopefully The Government should really taking attention to the site which believed as Sultanate tombs area and the state government must straight to  save the site and that rich of history.


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