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HMI Mataram Branch Is Active to Raise Funds for Earthquake and Flood Victims in Mamuju and Majene.

January 19th, 2021  Reported by : PO  

HMI Mataram Branch Is Active to Raise Funds for Earthquake and Flood Victims in Mamuju and Majene.

Sanusi, General Chairman of the Mataram branch of HMI
Matram City- (ANN). Almost at every point of the way right at the intersection of red lights (traffic signs) including at the intersection of traffic signs on Majapahit road, dozens of students wearing HMI jackets (alma mater) are eagerly giving speeches to convey appeals to the local community so they can help contribute as generously as possible. our brothers and sisters who are affected by floods and earthquakes. The HMI members, all of whom were students, were seen walking towards the vehicle that stopped when the red light was on and immediately the members approached the vehicle, handing out a cardboard box that reads Humanitarian aid for flood and earthquake victims. On that right afternoon the Asia Nation News (ANN) Contributor had the opportunity to interview one of them named Sanusi and fortunately the guy was the general chairman of the Mataram branch of HMI. In an interview by the ANN reporter with Sanusi who was the Head of HMI when asked what their objective was, especially HMI in their action that afternoon (tuesday 19-01-21).
Yayak is one of HMI Mataram Branch Member who was participate.              Giving Solidarity of HMI members on donation collective
Sanusi explained that it is clear that we all already know that our friends who are also our brothers and sisters in Mamuju and Majene are currently experiencing a disaster and he appealed to all elements of society individually or in the form of groups or organizations and more specifically so that the government can mobilize more massively  assistance to areas that are affected by the disaster and the impact of the disaster itself, both floods and earthquakes. In his statement, Sanusi asked the government to focus more massively on aid to areas affected by the disaster rather than ceremonial matters, considering that the people in Mamuju and Majene need more, which is very worrying. Sanusi was also very grateful to his fellow classmates, consisting of OKP, BEM and other organizations in Mataram who also actively helped in raising funds for the disaster. “I am very grateful to my friends consisting of BEM and OKP who took part in this noble work,” he said *** (PO)

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