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Hj. Rizayati with the Mayor of Dumai H. Paisal discussed the construction of the Power Plant

February 9th, 2022



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Hj. Rizayati Eith The Mayor of Dumai H. Paisal Discussed The Construction of The Power Plant


Jakarta (ANN) | President Director of PT. Imza Rizky Jaya (IRJ) Group Dr (Cn) Hj. Rizayati, SH, MM together with the Mayor of Dumai H.Paisal, SKM, MARS, held a meeting to discuss plans for the construction of a Power Plant which will be built by the local government in the near future.

The meeting took place at the 25th floor of PT IRJ The Plaza Office, Wednesday (9/2/2022) afternoon. To the media crew, Hj. Rizayati said the construction of this Power Plant is a solution to overcome the energy crisis by reducing dependence on fossil energy, preparing carefully for energy transitions and diversifying energy, especially renewable energy.

“Our energy needs continue to increase, there needs to be alternative energy solutions including renewable energy, one of which is solar energy.

As a tropical country, Indonesia has enormous potential for solar energy. This is what we will build in Dumai later. We have talked at length with the Mayor of Dumai City, and God willing, we will soon make it happen,” said Hj. Rizayati.

The initiator of the Indonesia Terang program revealed that solar power is the most potential clean energy to be developed in Indonesia compared to other new and renewable energy sources (EBT).

The reason is, Indonesia has a large source of solar energy and the price is increasingly competitive. Hj. Rizayati hopes that the construction of the Power Plant will benefit the Dumai community.

In addition to the construction of the Power Plant, the meeting also discussed the participation of MSMEs in Dumai City at the world MSME exhibition on State Entrepreneur Day 2022 which will be held at the World Trade Center (WTC) Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, 24-28 March 2022, as well as discussing the construction of subsidized housing and housing. uninhabitable houses (rutilahu) with the Dumai city government through the Indonesia Terang’s House program. (Nug/Editorial)

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