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Hj. Rizayati Supports The Presidential Instruction On The Use Of Electric Vehicles

September 16th, 2022



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Hj. Rizayati supports the Presidential Instruction on the use of electric vehicles



Jakarta (ANN) – The government plans to replace the use of operational service vehicles from using an internal combustion engine (ICE) to a battery electric vehicle (BEV)
This is stated in Presidential Instruction No. 7 of 2022 concerning the Use of Battery Electric Motorized Vehicles (Battery Electric Vehicles) as Operational Service Vehicles and/or Individual Vehicles for Central Government Agencies and Local Governments.

The President’s instruction shows that the government is serious about developing battery-based electric motorized vehicles in the country and has designed a road map for the use of electric vehicles as a national means of transportation in the midst of society. Socialization continues to be encouraged to all levels of society, relevant agencies, and to automotive industry players.
Chairman of the Indonesia Terang Party, Dr. Hj. Rizayati, welcomed the Presidential Instruction, to promote the use of electric-based vehicles.

According to Hj. Rizayati, the use of electric cars is expected to be one solution to the issue of environmental pollution caused by vehicle carbon emissions that cause air pollution, especially in big cities in Indonesia.
“We welcome the Presidential Instruction regarding the use of battery-based motorized vehicles in the country, as an effort to reduce environmental pollution. In order to implement this goal, PT Defa Dirgantara Jaya has produced a battery-based electric motor. God willing, we are ready to penetrate the national automotive market, this is an extraordinary leap and innovation,” said Hj. Rizayati to the media crew in Jakarta, Thursday (15/9/2022)

In addition, said Hj. Rizayati, the use of electric vehicles, in addition to reducing environmental pollution and saving energy, also saves operational costs, both individually and regional and state expenditures. We are ready to provide these electric-based vehicles,” he said.
This successful entrepreneur from Bireuen Aceh also revealed that this electric motor vehicle produced by PT Defa Dirgantara Jaya, had been exhibited at the TNI AL anniversary some time ago, and received a positive response and response from KASAL and a number of other high-ranking officials. [nugg/red]


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