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Leaders Of Central Board DPP PRIMA Ward Communist Issues and is Optimistic in Passing KPU Verification for the 2024 Election

March 30th,  2021


  Prepared by : Ivan

  Translated by : PO

DPP PRIMA Ward Communist Issues and is Optimistic in Passing KPU (General Election Commission) Verification for the 2024 Election


JAKARTA.(ANN) – The Central Board of (DPP) ranks of the party “Partai Rakyat Adil Makmur”  (PRIMA) ward the issue of the rise of communism over its existence as a new party that will compete in the upcoming 2024 General Election.

The party, which has legality from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in 2020, stated that chain messages through social media groups were untrue and misleading.

This statement was conveyed by the Deputy Chairperson of the DPP PRIMA Central Board, Ma’ruf Asli Bhakti in Jakarta, responding to the accusations circulating through the news sharing link rmol.id, Tuesday (30/3/2021).

“The issue is out of the contemporary context. PRIMA has legality from the state through the Minister of Law and Human Rights. This means that this party complies with the provisions of the constitution and legislation. This shows that the accusation does not have the truth,” said Ma’ruf, former Chairman of the Yogyakarta branch of the HMI MPO.

Ma’ruf said that in fact his party was not too concerned about this accusation. It’s just that the words need to be straightened out so as not to build misleading opinions in society.

Previously, it was known that a chain message was circulating via the news link rmol.id which reviewed the title: PRIMA New Political Party, Prone to Adjudication of Administrative Regulations.

On the news share link, the message is listed as follows: in Indonesian language

‘Anak-anak Komunis bikin partai baru nih.
Hati2 PRD dan Aliran Kiri (Komunis) Ganti Baju nama parpolnya PRIMA
Beritahu Teman-teman lainnya jangan sampai terjebak!!!’

That is meaning…

‘The Communist generations are starting a new party.

Whatch out.! PRD and the Left Drift (Communists) Change their clothes (transform), the name of the political party is PRIMA, Tell other friends not to get trapped !!! ‘

According to Ma’ruf, there was an oddity in the message. Because he said the news content did not mention the Communist issue. Precisely outside writing that mentions this.

“From here it is very clear the intention of wanting to corner the party who shared the news link. It seems that it was deliberately done by the first to share,” he said.

“It only needs to be reminded to those who try to spread the slander that their actions have the potential to be criminal,” he continued.

It was further explained that PRIMA was indeed initiated by the PRD (People’s Democratic Party) along with several other organs. However, in its journey, PRIMA as a political force has opened itself up to invite all components of the nation to strengthen political parties that carry the issue of anti oligarchy.

Ma’ruf said that PRIMA is a big house for all components of the nation’s children. The board members are not only from PRD activists, but also other Islamic and National activists who are committed to nationality, society and mankind.

“Indeed, not many people know how the dialectic of the PRIMA party combines itself into a middle party. It carries the big theme of nationality, society and mankind,” he said.

In that effort, explained Ma’ruf, that the General Chairperson of Prima, Agus Jabo and his ranks had been in touch with Islamic figures a lot. Among the other such of , the President of PSII which is headquartered in Grogol, the chairman and caretaker of the Pondok Taman Qur’an Indonesia Foundation (Ust. Andi Arlin, Lc., MA). Parmusi Daily Chair, KH. Farid Oqbah, Pemuda Muslimin Indonesian, Pemuda Hidayatullah, a number of HMI MPO Alumni, PB PII and others.

“Until now, the gathering agenda is still ongoing. The friendship is well established because Bung Agus Jabo has a background as a PII cadre. In fact, he is one of the founders of the PII Alumni Forum. So God willing, the accusation is wrong in context and baseless,” explained Ma ‘. ruf who is also a former activist of the Indonesian Islamic Student PII.

Regarding of General Election Commissions (KPU) verification preparations, Ma’ruf admitted that currently PRIMA is concentrating on internal consolidation. Massive consolidation to the forefront of the structure, namely party leadership at the subdistrict and village levels.

“Seeing the current progress, we are full of optimism that we can pass verification and are ready to take part in the 2024 General Election. For this reason, according to the direction of the General Chair, internal consolidation is more priority in order to fulfill all that is required by the Election Law,” he concluded ending the conversation … [PO]

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