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DPP PKP DKI Jakarta .PKP still has a chance, why should we wait for 2029 and the New chairman

March 5th, 2023


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DPP PKP DKI Jakarta .PKP still has a chance, why should we wait for 2029 and the New chairman.


Jakarta ANN | .Ramadhan Djamil, Chairman of the DPP PKP, Partai Keadilan dan Persatuan (PKP) party said that although our chances are small, we must take advantage of them to pass PKP to become a participant in the 2024 elections.
We are a party of fighters, why be pessimistic, we should be optimistic.

The DKI Jakarta DPP PKP is one of the 17 DPPs present at the National Meeting in Surabaya, which rejected the MUNASLUB. because there is still an earlier way, the National Meeting should have been held first. don’t Grasak Grusuk, replace the Chairman, especially with the excuse of saving PKP for 2029.

We still have a chance in 2024 as an election participant why wait for 2029, especially by replacing Mayjend Mar Purn DR H Yussuf Solichien M, MBA, ph.D..

Do not impose your will, especially by violating the Party’s bylaws.
There are MUNASLUB requirements, 2/3 of DPN administrators, 2/3 DPP administrators, 2/3 DPK and PKP general chairman must be present, then it is valid.

Look at the PRIMA party with their cohesiveness successfully won by the Central Jakarta District Court, because they are compact and solid.
Don’t just replace the chairman, this is wrong. Do healthy and polite politics.

The current Chairperson of PKP was elected from the MUNASLUB in 2021, in 2023 this MUNASLUB is again, its wierd and strange? He said.

PKP cadres throughout Indonesia should be thinking about how we qualify for elections and pass the Parliamentary Treashould (PT) not just good for MUNASLUB. (PO)

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