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” Chief Police Traffic Department of Langsa City, Did Blood Donation”

Februari, 19th  2021


Reported by : Chik (R.1)

Translated by : PO


” Chief Police Traffic Department of Langsa City, Did Blood Donation”

Langsa City (ANN) – Chief Police Traffic Department of Langsa, AKP Hendra Marlan, SH, Sik through KBO Then senior police inspector (Iptu) Budi, accompanied by Turjawali unit chief first or senior police inspector (Iptu) Asep Supriadi, has successfully carried out the noble humanitarian task of donating blood at the Langsa City independent field stand on Thursday (18 / 2/2021).

The blood donation mission aims to help the vision of humanity which requires blood donation to save body and soul. We will carry out this series of acts of worship through potential cooperation with the Langsa City Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), “said first or senior police inspector (Iptu) Budi. He added that the blood donation asset is expected to make Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) channel aid to elements of society who need it. Especially during the Covid 19 pandemic. as disaster for human life, the blood stock in our region is running low.

“Because of that, humanitarian blood donation activities are needed to help the safety of the people of Langsa City in particular, and if the blood supply of the donors is adequate, of course we are even happier to be able to help all the people in Aceh. Sometimes a drop of blood can save the lives of suffering patients.

“So hopefully that the people of  Langsa regency, let us be generous with sincerity to help our brothers and sisters with the implementation of blood donations.” Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) is ready at any time to accompany elements of society who want to donate their blood, “asked first or senior police inspector (Iptu) Budi representing the hopes of Langsa Traffic Police chief .

“Lastly, he explained, that the Langsa Police, through the Traffic Police, would like to thank to all elements and PMI officers who have been tired of helping us in the implementation of this blood donation. Hopefully all of our acts of worship will be blessed by Allah SWT, amen. to  Langsa Rseort Chief Police Department  and all police traffic officer  in personality who have trusted the distribution of blood donations to PMI’s duties. God willing, we will distribute it according to the mandate of the donors, “concluded the PMI officer. (Chik R.1 / Boy).