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Chairman of PWRI Dr. Suriyanto PD: Pancasila Has a Role in Counteracting Radicalism


May 5th,  2023



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Written by : Jagad. N

Chairman of PWRI Dr. Suriyanto PD: Pancasila Has a Role in Counteracting Radicalism


Picture : Chairperson of the Central Leadership Council of the Association of Indonesian Republic of Journalists (DPP PWRI) Dr. Suriyanto PD, SH, M.Kn.

Jakarta (ANN) – The spread of radicalism recently has been very widespread through social media targeting young people. This issue must be addressed wisely, bearing in mind that the younger generation is the successor to the nation’s leadership relay.
This was conveyed by the Chairperson of the Central Leadership Council of the Indonesian Journalists Association [DPP PWRI] in the morning talk atstratenews.id, Friday [5/5/2023]
“Don’t let young people be influenced by radical ideas because radical ideas can not only threaten the life of the nation and state but can also damage the life of the household and the future of youth. Moreover, the spread of radicalism is currently very widespread through social media with the target being young people,” said Suriyanto.
Suriyanto revealed that the phenomenon of violence in the name of religion, which is often known as religious radicalism, is increasingly visible, and ultimately causes the movement of terrorism which always overshadows and becomes a problem that is now being faced by countries in the world, including Indonesia. Understanding like this is actually not caused by a single factor that stands alone.
Suriyanto said that social, economic, environmental, political and even educational factors also contributed to influencing religious radicalism. However, religious radicalism is often driven by narrow religious understanding, feelings of pressure, hegemony, psychosocial insecurity, and local and global injustice.
To ward off radicalism, the understanding of Pancasila must be further strengthened.
According to Suriyanto, the position of Pancasila as the state ideology must be the basis of the goals of national and state life.
“Pancasila must be a reference for the Indonesian people in carrying out their daily lives in society. We may be able to see that lately the value of Pancasila has begun to fade because little by little people do not know the meaning of Pancasila, in addition to that, several radicalism factors have appeared which are carried out by some people to achieve certain goals but by using the wrong way and even harming others. There are also those who use violence,” he said.
“The role of Pancasila is really needed as an effort to solve the problem of brutal and indiscriminate radicalism, but solving this problem is not as easy and simple as we think. We need sufficient hard work and consistency to re-ground Pancasila ideology in counteracting radicalism,” he said.
Suriyanto said, the inculcation of Pancasila values must continue to be grounded and applied in life. Because Pancasila is the basis of the state that must be instilled in us from an early age.
“A person should instill and live up to Pancasila values from an early age. Pancasila as the basis of the Indonesian state has noble values, manners, ethics and morals for every human being in Indonesia in order to build a sense of nationality, a sense of unity and peace,” he explained.
Suriyanto also asked related institutions to revive Pancasila Moral Education.
In addition, Suriyanto added, there is a need to re-cultivate the love of Pancasila ideology, return to the spirit of Pancasila ideology, carry out Pancasila practice in everyday life.
“Pancasila as the philosophy of the Indonesian state which is full of character, wisdom, wisdom and morality must be implemented by every organization and every organization of religions and also in every educational institution in stages and campuses. Pancasila must be used as a guideline in the organizational process as a bulwark to prevent radicalism, intolerance, and terrorism,” he said.
“That way, Pancasila has a very appropriate relevance at this time as an effort to string together a sense of nationality, a sense of harmony. Therefore, we live in Indonesia and must obey the laws and philosophy of the Indonesian nation which directs us to the truth,” concluded Suriyanto.
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