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“Chairman of Indonesian Journalist Association or known as PWI Langsa City Gives Award to PTPN 1”

!9  Februari  2021


Reported & Writen by : Chik

 Translated by : PO


“Chairman of Indonesian Journalist Association or known as PWI Langsa City Gives Award to PTPN 1”


LANGSA (ANN) Chairman of the PWI Kota Langsa Putra Zulfirman has submitted a certificate of appreciation related to the development of information on PTPN1 activities towards the Stoke Holder (work partner).

The award certificate was received directly by the Director of PTPN 1 Ahmad Gusmar Harahap on Wednesday (17/2/2021), yesterday.

Putra Zulfirman on behalf of  Indonesian Journalist Association or known as PWI Kota Langsa really appreciates the commitment of PTPN 1 officials who are very open to developing information to all journalists who cover the operational work of the state-owned company PTPN 1.

This is certainly a positive attitude towards progress regarding the Openness of Public Information (KIP) between PTPN 1 and the mass media as partners. “For that, PWI Kota Langsa would like to thank and deserve to give a certificate of appreciation to this BUMN company,” said Putra Zulfirman.

For the submission of the award certificate from the umbrella organization of the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) of Langsa City, I on behalf of the State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) PTPN 1 express my gratitude accompanied by a sense of extreme happiness, and give birth to sincere hopes for mutual disclosure of information with all elements of the mass media.

“I do not deny that without critical information from mass media journalists, the PTPN1 company which is impossible to achieve success in achieving development progress. Is it related to production operations or an increase in the company’s economic income,” he said.

It is our hope, continued Ahmad Gusmar Harahap, that the information needs of all media crews about the operations of the PTPN1 company please confirm, do not hesitate and hesitate. We are ready to serve these needs as good partners, “he concluded in touch with the press (Chik R.1 / Juli).