June 4th, 2021   Prepared and Written by : PO   UKM Party Optimistic Would be Established in 23 urban districts in Aceh. Ramadhan : We Are Ready To Be A Participant In The 2024 Election.     Banda aceh (ANN/Bidik Aceh) – The Indonesian Small and Medium Enterprises Party known […]

May 20th, 2021   Written by : Wiwin Hendra, Edited by    : PO Translated by : PO   Source: Wiwin Hendra: – SAB Editor: PO AsiaNationNews.Com Media Leader (CEO) Sayed Oestman Al Syeich and Head of Sinar Aceh Baru Bureau Wiwin Hendra visited (Senior High School) SMA Negeri 1 […]

May 11th, 2021   Prepared and Translated by : PO Released by Langsa GOLKAR Party  Corespondent Department.     Ending Of Ramadhan Syaifullah Taken Responsibility On Behalf Of Ilham Pangestu To Hand Over A Gift From The General Chairman Of The Golkar Party DPD II Langsa City LANGSA (ANN) – Board […]

April 30th, 2021   Written And Reported by : Wiwin Hendra   Translated by : PO   Langsa -SAB The Jokowi Militant Cadre Institute (KAMIJO) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indonesian Response Foundation (IR). at Zero point (O) KM Sabang City, In Aceh Province   SABANG ANN-SAB […]

April 28th, 2021   Written And Reported by : Wiwin Hendra   Translated by : PO   Senior Hight School Of SMAN 1 Langsa Opens New Student Registration for Academic Year 2021-2022 Langsa City (ANN): New Student Admission (PPDB) at SMAN 1 Langsa The academic year 2021-2022 today Wednesday 28-04-2021 […]

April 15th 2021   Prepared by : PO   Press Release AsiaNationNews (ANN) Making The Society uneasy, The Government Will Immediately Close the TNI PAMRAHWAN Military Personnel Command Post, Infantry Battalion RK 763 In Tambrauw, West Papua The people of Tambrauw, West Papua Province, were troubled by the presence of […]

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