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Build Synergy, Hj. Rizayati Met The Chairman of the PBNU to Discuss Cooperation in Various Fields

January 26th, 2022



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Build Synergy, Hj. Rizayati Met The Chairman of the PBNU to Discuss Cooperation in Various Fields

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Jakarta (ANN) |President Director of Imza Rizky Jaya (IRJ) Group, Dr (Cn) Hj. Rizayati, SH, MM, held a meeting with the General Chairperson of the Nahdatul Ulama (PBNU) Executive Board KH. Yahya Cholil Staquf in Jakarta, Thursday (27/1/2022) morning.

In the meeting, said Hj. Rizayati, discussed various things, both in the social field, empowering MSMEs, hospitals, and the economy. “There are several areas that we might be able to collaborate with PBNU, to make it more meaningful and useful for many people,” said Hj. Rizayati, through a written statement received by the editor of Strateginetwork, Thursday (27/1/2022).

The initiator of the Indonesia Terang program revealed that partnering with PBNU is very important, considering that NU as the largest Islamic organization in Indonesia is very influential.

Informal meeting at KH’s private house. Yahya Cholil Staquf was full of kinship. “There are many things that we discuss and we want to synergize, such as the micro, small and medium business sector, hospital construction, the people’s economy, and so on. We want to do our best for this nation in synergy with PBNU,” said Hj. Rizayati.

Hj. Riyati revealed, specifically for the health sector, her party is currently preparing the construction of Imza Hospitals throughout Indonesia. In his meeting with Hj. Rizayati.

General Chairperson of PBNU KH. Yahya Cholil Staquf welcomed the strategic steps initiated by the General Chair of the Indonesia Terang Party, particularly for the economic empowerment of the people through the development of the micro, small and medium enterprises sector.

Therefore, on this occasion, KH. Yahya Cholil Staquf hopes that this synergy can strengthen a shared commitment for the improvement of this nation in the future.

Present to accompany Hj. Rizayati in the meeting, H. Imran A. Hamid and Secretary General of the Indonesia Terang Party. (nug/red)


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