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Picture : Indonesia has so many thigs of Diversity such are; relegious, cultures, races and so on but stand in one unity which is called Indonesia.

Appreciate The Diversities

January 20th, 2022



 Translated by: PO

Written by: D. Supriyanto JN


Appreciate The Diversities

Political notes D. Supriyanto JN

Jakarta (ANN) | Holding at the Peoples Reprentatives Council (DPR) Commission III meeting at the Senayan Parliament Complex on Monday (17/1), member of Commission III DPR from the PDI-P faction, Arteria Dahlan, asked Attorney General ST Burhanudin to fire Kajati who spoke Sundanese in the meeting. “There is a little criticism, Mr. JA (Prosecutor General), there is Kajati Pak, who in the meeting, in the working meeting, spoke in Sundanese, replace that sir,” said Arteria.

Although he did not mention the figure of Kajati in question, Arteria’s statement as a member of Commission III had a long tail. Protests also came, not only from the Sundanese people, but also from internal PDI P party it selves.

Arteria’s statement is considered to have insulted the Sundanese people, and has the potential to tear apart the diversity that has been struggling so hard for so long. As a public official, it is not appropriate for Arteria to say wrong mention like that. In addition to tarnishing the values ​​of diversity, Arteria’s statement has deviated from its main function as a representative of the people.

Arteria Dahlan’s statement shows the low attitude of respect for difference and diversity. This is a never ending problem, in the midst of the swift currents of globalization and freedom of speech through social media. Based on these assumptions, it should be necessary to re-echo an awareness to respect each other.

Picture : Indonesia has so many thigs of Diversity such are; relegious, cultures, races and so on but stand in one unity which is called Indonesia.

Diversity is a difference between one individual and another. Diversity can also be interpreted as a willingness to accept the differences that exist in society, including how to speak, speak, so as not to tarnish and hurt each other. Values ​​like this, have disappeared. In the perspective of respecting diversity, there are several aspects that need to be understood, including tolerance, social responsibility, interdependence or mutual need and appreciation of cultural diversity.

Arteria Dahlan’s statement is a lesson for all of us, to be careful in what we act and say, especially as a public official. If these aspects are not possessed, an individual may also not have a sense of respect and mutual respect for one another. Our country, Indonesia, is a country consisting of various islands, various ethnic groups, various religions, various customs, socio-economics, and cultures. This diversity should be able to unite all of us, the nation’s children, as a capital for the development of the nation’s integrity. Instead of being a trigger for conflicts and disputes that can damage the joints of life in society, nation and state.

Let, once again, we can learn from this case of Arteria Dahlan. We can pick up a philosophy of playing a musk orchestra, where there are many different types of musical instruments. However, if we are able to play and mix and match these musical instruments in rhythm and harmony, it will produce a musical harmony that is so beautiful. Let’s take care of our diversity for a better Indonesia. *)


D. Supriyanto JN, Cultural Worker, Secretary General of the Central Executive Board of the Association Journalist Republic of Indonesia

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