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Agile and environmentally friendly, the Defa electric motorbike is starting to be in demand by the public

September 24th, 2022



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Agile and environmentally friendly, the Defa electric motorbike is starting to be in demand by the public

Jakarta (ANN) – Electric vehicles are the future of transportation that must be an option to keep the city air clean and environmentally friendly. With electric motorized vehicles, it is one way to accelerate the national motor vehicle electrification program.

Seizing this opportunity, as well as helping the government’s program, PT Defa Dirgantara Jaya Group, market electric motors produced in Korea and China. After being launched some time ago, the Defa electric motorbike is now starting to be in demand by the public.

The President Director of PT Defa Dirgantara Jaya, H Imran Abdul Hamid told the media crew, Friday, September 23, 2022, that the Defa electric motorcycle was produced in Korea and China. However, currently, the stock in Jakarta is produced by China.

“The current stock is Chinese production, while Korean-made motorcycles are still being produced in Korea, in the next few weeks Korean-made electric motorcycles will already be in Indonesia,” said H Imran.

The entrepreneur from Bireuen Aceh stated that since President Joko Widodo instructed all State Civil Apparatuses (ASN) to use electric vehicles as operational vehicles, PT Defa Dirgantara Jaya Group has supported the Presidential Instruction signed by President Joko Widodo some time ago.

Even since the Presidential Instruction was issued, currently many agencies and communities have ordered electric motors from PT Defa Dirgantara Jaya. “Alhamdulillah, there are so many electric motorcycle enthusiasts today, we have ordered from Korea and China for consumers who have ordered electric motorcycles from our company,” said H Imran.

The same thing was said by the chairman of the Indonesia Terang Party (Pinter), Dr Hj Rizayati SH MM. According to her, the high demand for electric motorcycles in Indonesia, because in addition to saving fuel, it is also environmentally friendly. “In the midst of rising fuel prices, many people have switched to electric motorbikes, especially President Jokowi has also instructed ASN or government agencies to use electric motorbikes as operational vehicles,” said Hj Rizayati.

Hj. Rizayati added, with the high number of people using electric motorbikes, besides saving fuel, it can also reduce air pollution, especially in the capital city of Jakarta which is very dense with vehicles and air pollution. “Let’s together support the government to use electric vehicles or electric motorcycles in Indonesia,” said Hj. Rizayati. [nugg/red]

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