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Again At Least 81 Rohingya Refugees Have Been Stranded In The Waters of Simpang Ulim, East Aceh Regency

June 4th, 2021


Prepared and Written by : PO


Again At Least 81 Rohingya Refugees Have Been Stranded In The Waters of Simpang Ulim, East Aceh Regency


Simpang Ulim (ANN) – On Friday, June 4, 2021, at around 07.00 WIB, there were at least 81 Rohingya refugees from Myanmar. 59 women, 22 men had stranded on the Simpang Ulim sea.

The Langsa Search and Rescue Post received information from the East Aceh Navy regiment (DanPos) regarding the discovery of a foreign ship in the waters of Simpang Ulim East Aceh about 500 meters from the coast, after we received additional information it turned out that the refugees were already on the mainland coast of Simpang Ulim Aceh Timur.

In Accordiance of information from Sea Commander (Panglima Laot) Simpang Ulim on behalf of Asmir, at 07.00 Indonesian West Timing (WIB) the fishing community saw and went to a foreign boat and found that there were Rohingya people on board the foreign boat.

When the Rohingya refugees saw fishermen coming using canoes, the refugees immediately threw two (2) units of life rafts into the sea and the refugees also jumped into the sea and climbed into the life rafts asking for help from fishermen to be pulled to the beach.

Fishermen pulled the life raft to the beach. Arriving at the beach the refugees were secured by local officials, members of the sub-distric commando military (Koramil) and members of the Simpang Ulim Police.

Based on information from one of the refugees named Muhammad Ilyas, they initially departed from Myanmar on February 11, 2021, totaling 90 people using a wooden boat bound for Malaysia. On the way, there were 9 refugees who died. 4 men, 5 women. On the way their wooden ship was damaged and stranded in Indian waters.

They were rescued by Indian Police and given a fast ferry type passenger boat made of aluminum cans and taught how to carry the ship. They brought the ferry only based on the compass, and were stranded in the waters of Simpang Ulim, East Aceh.

Until now, the refugees are still at Simpang Ulim beach and waiting for a decision from the East Aceh Government.

Relevant agencies such of East Aceh Navy Post, Air and Marine Police of East Aceh (Airud SatPol), Simpang Ulim sub-district administrators (Muspika), Department Unit of Rescue East Aceh (BPBD Aceh Timur) and
Simpang Ulim Community. Hopefully able to give some aid for those who need help from us as humanity. (PO)

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