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Aceh KIBAR Chairman Visits YARA Langsa Office, Prepares 7 Lawyers to Accompany Cut Lem To the Aceh Head Quatets Police, Based on the Mayor of Langsa’s Report.

24th August 2021


Reported by : PO

Aceh KIBAR Chairman Visits YARA Langsa Office, Prepares 7 Lawyers to Accompany Cut Lem To the Aceh Head Quatets Police, Based on the Mayor of Langsa’s Report.


Langsa City (ANN) – Chairman of Kibar Aceh, Muslim, SE, alias Cutlem came to the Langsa Aceh People’s Advocacy Foundation (YARA) Office, to ask for his assistance, who had been reported to the Aceh Police by the Mayor of Langsa, on suspicion of being lecherous at the Langsa Hall (Pendopo).


Picture : Muslis SE (Chairman of KIBAR Acer) meet the Langsa ‘s YARA Chairman at Yara office.

Cutlem’s arrival on Monday (23/8/2021) was received by the Chairman of YARA Langsa, H A Muthallib Ibr, SE,.SH.,M.Si,.M.Kn. After Cutlem’s meeting with the chairman of YARA Langsa H. A Muthallib, in front a number of media crews said that, according to the instructions of the chairman of the KIBAR NGO, Pak Waranto, who prepared legal counsel from the NGO.

Waranto also asked to be accompanied by the chairman of YARA Langsa, who is also a lawyer, Cutlem conveyed to media crew. Furthermore, Cutlem also mentioned that his arrival at the YARA Langsa office, to submit evidence, whether it was Whatsapp (WA), video, a statement from AI, and all the documents needed later we will submit to investigators at the Aceh Regional Police.

Picture : Usman Abdullah SE Police Report agains Muslim SE, regarding lecherous and Slander Case

We have prepared all the documents as shown below. conveyed by the previous Ai victim, he said. This case is not a case of playing games, we have authentic evidence submitted by our client, and the evidence later we will submit not from us, we get everything from victim (Ai), let’s pray that everything goes smoothly.

“Before we open the alleged harassment case to the public, we have also conveyed it to the Chairman of the Central KIBAR, and we have summoned the Mayor of Langsa, so that this case can be resolved properly,” said Cutlem. This case must reach the green table (Court Trial) so that we are not called losers or we are not considered by society to be carriers of slander, said Cutlem. If this is a slander, Ai must also be held responsible because the news source is from Ai, he said again.

Cutlem is also preparing a document to report to the President of the Republic of Indonesia and the Minister of Home Affairs, so that this case will be open widely later, it will be clear that our society will not think about sowing slander, the lawyers we have prepared are in accordance with KIBAR Central instructions, not only YARA Langsa but also from legal counsel in Jakarta, close Cutlem.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of YARA Langsa, H A Muthallib, when asked for a response regarding Cutlem’s arrival at the YARA Langsa office, did not say much, only conveyed a little. “Cutlem, the chairman of KIBAR ACEH, came to the YARA Langsa Office to submit some evidence of the alleged harassment case by the Mayor of Langsa, we will study the document first,” said H Thallib who is also a lecturer at the Unsam Faculty of Law. H Thallib also said that later we will study the evidence and sit down with the Central KIBAR lawyer if Cutlem is called by the Aceh Police Investigator, we will accompany him, we all respect the law in this country, concluded the former Deputy Chair of Indonesian Journalist Association (PWI) Aceh. (PO)