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Again..! CUT PIPIN Has Reached Another Achievement

November 9th,  2023       Translated by: PO Written by: Adoz Editor : PO

Again..! CUT PIPIN Has Reached Another Achievement

  Langsa City, Aceh -ANN Singer Cut Nyak Ayfina (Pipin), a Class 1 student at SMPN 9 Langsa City, has achieved consecutive achievements in the last 2 months. Previously, in October 2023 Pipin won 2nd place in the Smansa Festival event and in November 2023 Pipin made another achievement at the 2023 Turbine Cup event held by the Faculty of Engineering, Samudra University, Langsa City. The achievements achieved will make the school proud and make them proud. Pipin prepares to take part in a solo singing competition. For approximately 2 days he practiced regularly at his place of residence. “Tuesday (7/11/2023), I took part in a solo singing competition at the Samudra Langsa University Campus, which was held by my brothers and sisters from the Faculty of Engineering, and on Wednesday (8/11/2023) it was announced and I won third place. Previously “When I was in 5th grade, I represented Aceh province at the National Level in the FLS2N solo singing competition,” said Pipin when confirmed directly by the media crew. In the solo singing competition, Pipin competed with several other schools, including high schools, vocational schools and students in Langsa City. “Here I really appreciate the brothers & sisters from the Faculty of Engineering, Samudra Langsa University, because they have created singing competitions and other competitions, where children my age who are still in school can channel their talents and creativity in this competition. Hopefully, Samudra Langsa University will become more good and even more advanced in the future,” said Pipin. Cut Pipin is the son of Teuku FirdausinNazar (ados) Head of Aceh Province Bureau Media Misipers.com, who is also an Acehnese artist/musician and Susanti Daulay. Pipin expressed his thanks very much to the extended family of Secondary High School of SMPN 9 Langsa City, the Chancellor, brothers and sisters of the Faculty of Engineering, Samudra Langsa University. Thank you also to Mr. Marjo Situmorang, Main Director of Media Misipers.com, Mr. H.M. Nasir Djamil Member of DPR-RI PKS Fraction, Mr. H.Rubian Harja Member of DPRK Golkar Fraction Langsa City, Bang Muhammad Qayim, S.H, candidate for member of DPRA Aceh for his support. Special thanks from Pipin to my beloved father and mother (Ayu Daulay Fashion) who designed, sewed clothes, chose songs, taught singing and Pipin was able to take part in the competition. (4d05_redaksi)    

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