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Acting Mayor Of Langsa City Holds Gathering with Members of the Press through Coffee Morning at Dapu Kupi

September 17th,  2023



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Acting Mayor Of Langsa City Holds Gathering with Members of the Press through Coffee Morning at Dapu Kupi


Pict: Acting Mayor of Langsa City Syaridin Spd, Mpd speaks up in front among of press members.

Langsa City.ANN – Acting Mayor of Langsa Syaridin, S.Pd , M.Pd, held a friendly meeting through Coffee Morning as well as a friendly meeting with members of the press, both print, online and electronic media who work in the Langsa City area, the event took place successfully full of family, which was held at Dapu Kupi Cafe, Langsa Baro District, Sunday (17/09/23).
Meanwhile, those present at the Coffee Morning event included the Langsa City Forkopimda consisting of the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Langsa City, Dandim 0104/East Aceh, Langsa Police Chief, Langsa District Attorney, Head of Langsa Justice, head of OPD and Langsa City Government officials who came from various departments and agencies, Heads of BUMN/BUMD and other guests who attended.

The Acting Mayor of Langsa, who has just carried out his duties as mayor, in his speech said, this activity is a very good activity to stay in touch by meeting face to face to get to know each other, while the essence and purpose of this meeting is to expect support and cooperation from all parties. especially members of the press in building a better Langsa city than what has been good so far, he said.
Furthermore, the Acting Mayor of Langsa, Syaridin explained, I have wanted to meet for a long time, and on this occasion it was only possible to do it today, this activity could not have been carried out except to hope for support and cooperation in making the city of Langsa become better developed and advanced in the future.” explained Syaridin .

Pict: The event crowded by press members that had presented at Dapu Kupi Cafe

There was a slight feeling of disappointment from several professional organizations who were also present at the Acting Coffee Morning event. The Mayor together with members of the press, namely the lack of accuracy on the part of the committee, in this case the Langsa City Communications and Information Service, in providing information to the Acting. The Mayor related the names of professional organizations that were present at the event but were not mentioned at the beginning of the Acting Regent’s remarks. The mayor seems as if the name of the professional organization mentioned alone is valid while others are not considered.

So we hope that the Communication and Information Service must be sensitive and expected to have an attitude of integrity towards all professional bodies that have legal bodies in accordance with article 25 PP 58 of 2018 which explains whether or not guidance assistance can be provided from the APBN and APBD budgets for those who have reported their whereabouts to Kesbangpol and not an explanation regarding whether the professional organization is legal or illegal.

One of the Coffee Morning participants with PJ asked about this. The Mayor of Langsa took part in the question and answer session in the form of input, messages and suggestions conveyed by several representatives from various professional organizations (media) who attended the event. (P.O.)


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