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Remaining (Caring Back) Our National Commitment

December 20th, 2021



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Article Written by: Dr (Cn) Hj. Rizayati, SH, MM

Remaining (Caring Back) Our National Commitment

Picture :  Dr (Cn) Hj Rizayati SH MM (President of Indonesia Terang Party)

JAKARTA (ANN) | This world is not something that can only be seen or known through concept after concept, but something that must be built and rebuilt with continuous work.
In the midst of the current situation of the nation and state, it is necessary to combine it with a commitment to jointly build this nation in the future.
A great nation is a nation that appreciates the services of its heroes, the services of the nation’s founders, and the services of the ancestors who have laid the foundations of life in society, nation, and state. However, in the journey of this nation, until now, the question arises, have we appreciated the struggle of our predecessors?
Remembering the struggle of the ancestors of the nation’s founders, in order to build an attitude of belonging and responsibility for this nation. Imprinted with the spirit of nationalism, love for the homeland, not easily provoked and not easily pitted against each other
In the age of Indonesia from the royal era to hundreds of years this nation was colonized by traders from various parts of the world to the Dutch who colonized and distorted the history of the nation in the archipelago until the seconds of the proclamation of Indonesian independence, it should be a momentum to build awareness of nationalism, in order to fill independence according to the noble ideals of the ancestors of the nation and the founders of the Indonesian nation in building unity and unity and not being shaken by any understanding.
As a big nation, we are very lucky because the people of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke, from Miangas to Rotte Island to this day still firmly uphold unity and unity with cross-ethnic, inter-religious, and cross-cultural in whatever situation that occurs in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. true, dignified, ethical and moral, so that we are not easily divided by nations who want to control the wealth of the archipelago in any way.

Indonesia, which is an archipelagic country, is well known for its various eastern customs, since it was named Nusantara. A nation that is famous for its humility and noble character has become the branding of the archipelago since the century of the kings of the archipelago who have been famous since the past until now, both since the order of the Hindu kingdoms, Buddhists, to the Islamic archipelago kingdoms that pushed into the island of Java and to other islands.
From that era until now the facts on the ground have proven the subtlety of character of the ancestors of the archipelago’s ancestors, even at that time the term tolerance was not yet known, but its spirit has been running and embedded in assimilation and acculturation in responding to culture, both new culture and old culture which must be in line. .
The character that was passed down by the ancestors of the archipelago from generation to generation was at its peak when the Indonesian nation organized itself to escape from the environment and the pressures of the colonial nation.
The wealth of character that has been passed down from generation to generation has given birth to a nation that is strong and virtuous in representing the attitude and determination of the Indonesian nation, although to become a great nation it requires a strong philosophy and ideology and noble character.
In the period before Indonesia’s independence was declared, through a group called PPKI, there were three intelligent nation’s children who became leaders of the Indonesian nation until now, namely; Ir. Soekarno, M Yamin, and Soepomo formed five precepts as the basis of reference for the nation and state which until now, namely PANCASILA.
Pancasila is an inscription and a benchmark for the civilization of the Indonesian nation which must always be instilled in all levels of the Indonesian people in the present, the future, and until this world ends.
The archipelago has a rich culture of noble character and has high life values ​​and is the basis for the founding of the Indonesian nation as well as the basis for the progress of this nation in the future.
Reconstructing a thought construction from the history of a nation is something that is very interesting and challenging. We will be provoked by new ideas, how to bring this nation to a better direction.
The power of ideas, which is often simple as long as it follows logical lines – opens the mind, opens the door for trouble shooting. Problem solving, often occurs in simple ways and thoughts.
There are times when a thought is not formulated at once in one period, but sometimes scattered in irregular moments and often, even appears sporadically, unplanned.

Returning to our goals in living in society, nation and state, whether we realize it or not, we have neglected the struggles of our ancestors, the founders of this republic. The spirit in the life of the nation and the state has almost disappeared, only remnants of meaningless shadows remain.

When we ignore and forget history, then we will lose the compass of where we are going. This applies not only to ourselves as individuals, but especially as a nation, historical and historical aspects become very important and absolutely needed in finding support and support when we feel we have lost our grip or lost orientation when we face various problems that touch and tear our consciousness. us as a nation.

Indonesia, is a great nation and country that has gone through a very long historical journey, even thousands of years ago, the existence of humans who occupied a group of islands between (Nusa – between, Nusantara) and the continent (Asia and Australia) and the two oceans (Nusantara, Indonesia). Indies and Pacific), already exists and has given birth to a very large civilization.

Come on, let’s reaffirm our national commitment, and make Pancasila the source of all sources that must be explored, studied so that Pancasila is still able to face the challenges of this era of globalization.

*) President of the Indonesia Terang Party

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